Update on two women killed trying to save dog in middle of road

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On Sunday evening, two women were killed trying to save a stray dog in the middle of a dark road in Dickinson, Texas. Linda Kirkland, 69, and Martha Arvidsson, 66, were struck b a vehicle on FM517 in Dickinson.

According to Click2Houston, the two women stopped their cars, turned on their emergency flashers and proceeded to round up the dog. It was at that moment Fernando Octavianai, 36, fatally struck the women and the dog. When authorities arrived, the two women were dead.

Octavianai remained at the scene and showed no signs of intoxication, however he was later charged with an invalid license and failure to maintain financial responsibility. Kirkland’s daughter thinks Octavianai got “away with murder” for illegally operating a car.

Kirkland had been a volunteer with Southern Comforts Animal Rescue. On the organization’s Facebook page, prayers of comfort and sympathy flooded in.

“…Linda and Gary have helped our rescue in more ways than I can list here-Fostering dogs, helping build fences, bathing puppies, collecting blankets and towels, cleaning crates , prepping the van for adoption road trips, doing photo and video shoots, transporting dogs from the shelter on their freedom rides, and the list goes on and on. All done willingly, happily , and all for the love of the animals-wanting only to help them in whatever ways they could. Our hearts are shattered at the loss of Linda , for her life cut short, for her family’s loss of her , and for the animals that needed her to be their voice. We are honored to have known this great lady and call her our friend –our hope is she will watch over us and give us strength to continue our mission without her by our side.”

A GoFundMe account has been established to help with funeral costs.

(Photo via GoFundMe)

Rest in peace.

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  1. RIP Linda Kirkland, 69, and Martha Arvidsson, 66 you will be sadly missed but never forgotten
    RIP fur baby you will be sadly missed but never forgotten.
    This is a very sad story and they died doing there job in saving a dog
    Octavianai should be facing charges in killing those 2 lovely women and the dog He has got off lightly

  2. EXCUSE ME!!! If I HAD been the one driving and had “KILLED” not injured YOU DUMB ASS’ES RUNNING YOUR NO STAR STATE of TEXASS one could bet their life savings that I (Caucasian, 5th Generation born and raised in AMERICA, Never busted with a DUI, Could easily Pass a illegal Chemical test, Has carried full-coverage insurance non-stop ) Would of AND SHOULD have been given full Medical Workup for narcotic abuse at the very least!!! I would have more than likely been incarcerated with a million dollar bond… THESE were two lives taken and it appears THEY have made arrangements of SIGNALING MOTORESTS that were also RESPONSIBLE DRIVERS that THERWAS AN EMERGENCY AHEAD!!! YET someone WITHOUT EVEN LIABILITY WALK’s away unscathed!!! I think this action by the State Troopers or who ever investigated these needless deaths ( including the dog) HAVE ISSUES.. I hope these Women have Families that will Fight for JUSTICE HERE!!! There Should be at least ONE HONEST LAWYER that will go to Bat for the BULLSHIT Way these Women were treated! Betting the Latino is Long Gone Never to Be Found! How VERY Sad our USA has come this THIS!! Governor ABBOTT YOU Need to Come out of YOUR GUILDED CAGE and Get your PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!! My thoughts, PRAYER”S and TEAR’s are with the families of these TRUE RESPECTABLE WOMEN who WERE KILLED and their families will Not even be compensated for Expenses by the Latino with NO INSURANCE EVEN to COMPENSATE and ASSIST in BURIAL EXPENSES>>>

    • Penny it really doesn’t matter what race creed or religion someone is from …..I am very aware that there are plenty of white fat sacks of shit that would do the exact same thing… riding around with no insurance no license no cares in the world lots of VERY WHITE PEICES OF SHIT ……..as a matter of fact if you want to be putting the blame lots of MEN in fact take very risky actions that lots of women do not.
      Regardless of where this person originally comes from he is an asshole for not taking due care and should be punished by the full extent of the law as well as be made to pay retribution to the families and their respective organizations they belong to for the loss.

  3. This is a horrible way to lose two heroes going above and beyond to save a stray dog. May they rest in peace and may their families find comfort knowing they died doing what they loved most. I understand Kirkland’s daughter’s thinking Octavianai got “away with murder” for illegally operating a car.but to Fernando Octavianai’s credit he stayed there and faced the music. This is just a terrible accident, and something that could easily happen on a dark night.

  4. RIP Linda Kirkland and Martha Arvidsson. You tried to protect and rescue this innocent pup but this insane driver killed you both. This evil monster is here illegally and therefore has no insurance for his car and fake license yet they haven’t charged him for killing these two women? I hope their families hire a lawyer that will go after the death penalty for this scum who shouldn’t even be here. This is why we need strict immigration laws and controlling our borders would be what is needed so things like this don’t enter our country and kill or innocent citizens. I guess a death to a family member of a Senator or Congressman/woman must happen before they take this seriously.

  5. I didn’t even have to finish reading the rest of this once I heard the name of the guilty party. Again, nothing happened to him he didn’t get lucky enough to be the one who got killed only the good animal lovers. This makes me sick. This useless immigrated POS shouldn’t have been driving and got nothing after killing these two great women. This is a reason why I don’t want these assholes here. What is the hell the matter with these laws but if one of us did this sorry shit we would be behind the bars. Nothing makes me sicker than animal rescuers getting hurt or killed. I just don’t want to think about this crap which I never read it. Unfortunately, this scumbag loser was going down the road at the wrong time. Hope he rots.

  6. Texas is one of the WORST states for women, children and animals. Bunch of WHITE supremacist run this state and it’s VERY obvious by all the police violent brutality against ANYONE who is NOT white. Texas judges are infamous for letting child rapists, sex traffickers, women beaters/murders, child beaters/murders and horrific animal abuse/torture go with little to NO punishment and certainly NO responsibility is leveled against them, as long as they’re white, that is. I hate to say the following, but unfortunately history and current improvements in OTHER states are on the rise on a DAILY basis demands mentioning: if the people in this state want change, then do it. BUT they have done VERY little to stand up to these corrupt, sadistic bastards. Little movements start up, but the people allow it to fail. As long as YOU, the people of Texas allow this treatment to continue, it will be YOU who suffers the consequences in the END. God sees ALL and forgets NOTHING.


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