Update on Rosaleen: Neglected senior found by deceased owner’s side

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Ten-year-old Rosaleen has been neglected for a long time, and when her owner died, the faithful dog stayed at the side of her deceased owner. She was brought to the Carson Animal Care Center, and on November 17, Rosaleen looked around her shelter cage wondering what had happened.

“This sweet lady lived a horrible life of neglect, she is full of tumors and she is starved for love. Her owner died and now she has a chance at a anew life. lease.”

On Sunday, Rosaleen was rescued by Leave No Paws Behind. Volunteer and what many have called “a human angel” – Cathi Perez, gave Rosaleen her first “out of the shelter freedom ride” hug. It is thought Rosaleen had been left outdoors and neglected; perhaps because her owner became ill and couldn’t care for her dog, or more likely, based on the senior German shepherd’s condition, had been neglected much of her life.

“…In spite of all of this, Rosa was found by her human’s side who laid lifeless. I cannot even imagine the pain and suffering she has endured and yet she remained loyal and loving to her human right up to the end,” the organization posted on their Facebook page with Cathi and Rosaleen smiling as they left the shelter.

“I promised Rosa that, while I did not know what her past life was like, what I did know was that from this moment forward she would never again be left to endure whatever heart ache, neglect and suffering she had in the past…”

Rosaleen arrived at The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks and had all of her preliminary tests. She was fed, given a soft bed and a quiet place to rest. Based on her test results, this sweet senior will begin a course and plan of treatment.

To help Rosaleen, please click here.

Read her previous story here.

Check out her freedom video:

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