Update on puppy with no paws

Update on puppy with no paws who was dumped in a duffel bag

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Over the weekend, the non-profit organization, The Arrow Fund, provided an update about a puppy, missing her front paws, who was abandoned in a duffel bag which had been dumped in the woods. The pit bull pup, dubbed Freya, is recuperating from her injuries (including a broken femur) and she will soon be starting physical therapy.

The Arrow Fund described the puppy’s challenges:


We need to make sure the muscles do not atrophy before she grows enough to have surgery on the fractured leg. She is just too tiny at this point. That is where physical therapy will help. She will be under the care of Dr. Ruth Schmidtchen at Blue Pearl. We adore Dr. Ruth Schmidtchen ♥️, who has cared for so many Arrow Fund babies.

As little Freya grows, she will likely need prosthetics for the legs which are missing paws – in the meantime, she will continue to receive the love, physical therapy and veterinary care that she needs. Read the original story about Freya here.

How you can help

You may donate on the Arrow Fund Facebook page or go to thearrowfund.org or checks may be mailed to The Arrow Fund P.O. Box 1127, Prospect, Kentucky 40059 .

Information about The Arrow Fund

The Arrow Fund provides medical treatment to Kentuckiana animals who have been the victims of torture or extreme forms of abuse and neglect. By highlighting these cases, the non-profit agency strives to educate the public regarding the ongoing problem of animal cruelty and the need to strengthen Kentuckiana’s animal welfare laws.

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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10 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    It is so nice to get an UPDATE on the little ones!!! We actually got a couple today!!!! Thanks Guys!!!! that was heartwarming news on both!!!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    I hope Freya completely recovers and gets the safe loving home she obviously never had – and to the hunk of sewer sludge who so callously dumped her – I pray there is a date with a tractor trailer in your very near future.

    • PAMELA D says:

      Nancy you are so great with your words. I agree with everything you say. I would love to torture all these low life POS sewer slimes. I really hope they have a short painful future.l


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