Update on neglected dog with massive tumor

There is a happy update to share about a badly neglected dog who was suffering with a massive tumor on her body. The dog, named Hattie, had been surrendered with a tremendously large tumor on the side of her body – a tumor which her former family acknowledged had been growing for years.

The happy news

Hattie was taken in by Dallas Dog RRR and underwent surgery at Vet Ranch. Vet Ranch update Facebook followers about Hattie’s surgery on September 19:

Sweet Hattie has stolen our hearts. She is out of surgery now and resting comfortably. It took me 3 hours…THREE HOURS so get that beast off. We had preplanned for an intra-op blood transfusion, which was needed and given.

According to Vet Ranch, before surgery, Hattie weighed 41 pounds…afterwards, she weighed in at just 26 pounds. Dr. Karri added:

I can’t wait to see how her personality changes without carrying this burden anymore. Just a HUGE heartfelt thanks for all of our supporters. I can’t tell you how much it means to all of us that we can save dogs like Hattie that always deserved better life.#onlywayisup #NTXGivingDay #vetranchstrong

Video of Hattie

Hattie already appears to be feeling better now that the huge tumor is gone. A video shows her looking quite sprightly after her surgery:



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7 replies
  1. Dalma Bugg says:

    So thrilled to read that Hattie has made it safely through surgery and looks to be in fine spirits already, a sure sign that all went well. Thoughts and Prayers for Hattie to heal and recover well so thst she can move on to a wonderful life with a new furever family,y who will simply adore her and dote on her every day. Big cuddles Hattie.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Thankfully a Concerned and Caring Rescue Chose to help this little girl::: that most certainly did not deserve A Heartless Family such as that!!!

  3. susispot says:

    I imagine she will need a minute or two to stop compensating for the load now that is not there. I am over joyed for this lucky dog. I hope this story leads to a new and very special loving family to call her own. We love you Hattie. And to DallasDogRRR YOU ROCK!


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