Update on K9 who was taken from family after officer’s reassignment

Update on K9 who was taken from officer's family
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The K9 who was taken from his family after his handler, Officer Richard Galanti of the SEPTA Transit Police Department, was reassigned, will now be allowed to live with Galanti’s family. According to CBS Philadelphia, though SEPTA was initially adamant that the dog, Abal, would be assigned to a new handler, the decision has since been reversed.

On Friday, SEPTA issued a release about the controversial separation:

When SEPTA Transit Police K9 Abal began training with his new handler, it was noticed that he was having some difficulties physically performing his duties. A subsequent evaluation by doctors at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital revealed that he has a degenerative bulging disc in his back. Abal has been treated by the doctors, and is resting comfortably.

Due to the strenuous nature of the work required of a dual-purpose explosive detection and patrol K9, SEPTA, in consultation with the doctors at Penn, today made the decision to retire Abal from active duty. As a pet, Abal should have a healthy future ahead of him, and SEPTA is grateful for his service over the last five years. Abal will be made available for adoption to the family of his former handler, Ofc. Richard Galanti.

The Galanti family had a tremendous amount of support from the public, who backed their desire to keep Abal in the home where he had lived for five years. A petition asking that the K9 be allowed to remain with his family garnered over 168,000 signatures.

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  1. Good to hear they finally came to their senses. Five years of duty for a K-9 is plenty, he deserves to live out the rest of his life with his family.

  2. Great news. Abal, you are such a good boy. Sorry you got hurt in the line of duty. You will now be so much better off at home and retired like you deserve.

  3. It shows how things can change when they’re brought into the light. I have been trying to bring to light the fact that K9’s are abused, and even tortured, behind the scenes, no matter what lies the public is told. I worked in it, the cover ups are massive, and the media helps the departments with the coverups and with their PR. Every time a video is leaked (and that is rare, because they are very careful) the media treats it like a rogue handler who abused his dog. We need more serious undercover investigators to expose this, because it is so disgraceful, it can’t exist in the light.

  4. Finally! Some good news for a change. Police department did the right thing for the dog. We need more news like this.

  5. 168,000 VESTED & WONDERFUL INDIVIDUAL’s took the time and made a difference here for Abel!!! What a happy ! happy ! DAY for all involved!!! I wish Abel and his long-time family many happy years.!!!!! Bless them all

  6. Yay! Success! As it should be. It goes to show you our effort in signing these petitions REALLY does matter & can work. Congratulations to your Family!

  7. That is great news for Abal and the Galanti family – I do find it interesting that Abal’s problem was not noticed until he was put with a new handler – I hope Abal is given to the Galanti family as the last statement was he will be made available for them to adopt – he should be with them, not have the option to adopt him.


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