Update on homeless blind dog who was struggling at shelter

Blind dog rescued
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There is a wonderful update to share regarding a homeless blind dog who was struggling inside of his kennel run at a busy California animal shelter. The blind Lhasa Apso, Joey, who was held at the Riverside Animal Shelter, has been rescued by Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue.


On Monday, news of the rescue was posted on social media:

Imagine the fear, the pain 😭

This is Joey, we have now named him Kringle 💔

He found himself in a scary shelter, he is blind and cannot see , He probably didn’t eat the whole time he was there. He probably couldn’t even find the food to eat, it looks like he’s trying to reach out to somebody climbing up the walls like that. Our hearts broken into 1 million pieces.

The dog’s medical issues

According to the rescue group, Kringle is in horrible pain from “rotted eyes” and a bad ear infection. He will have to undergo surgery to have his eyes removed. The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday.

Interested in donating toward’s Kringle’s care? Please click here.

(Image via Facebook)

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Dog guides blind friend

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  1. I am so Thankful a Rescue Took this Poor little Fellow!!! Now someone can assist him and give him a good home… after his injuries are taken care of…


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