Update on forgotten ones: Terriers found huddled together in old tire

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In Muscoy, California, the “forgotten ones” had been huddled together inside of an old tire just below the busy freeway at a dead end. No one knows how long the three tiny frightened terriers had been there, or how they ended up so close to a busy highway, but on Saturday afternoon, in the extreme heat of the day, volunteers from the rescue group Dream Fetchers rescued the bonded threesome.

“The dogs were so lethargic, they couldn’t walk out, and they just huddled closer together when I tried to take them out one at a time,” rescuer Cassandra Aldridge wrote on Facebook, “so the quickest and easiest way to get them out of the situation was to pick up the whole tire, with the dogs inside, and put it in my car.”

As the “forgotten ones” were soon called, the “tire babies” arrived at the veterinary hospital overheated, hungry and broken-hearted. They were infested with fleas and ticks, their skin was dry, itchy and scaly; foxtails and other debris had been embedded into their coats even though much of their fur was missing. The two females, now named Pirelli and Kumho, recently gave birth to litters; they were still producing milk. The third dog, a male now named Michelin, remained very timid and “shut down.”

Video #1


Just three days later, and a Dream Fetchers’ makeover has been underway. All three have been treated for dental disease which included teeth cleaning and extractions of their loose front teeth. They are undergoing shampoos and professional haircuts. The two female dogs have been spayed, and Michelin will be neutered.

“The girls are so loving and seem to feel like royalty with their new ‘dos’,” Hedy from the rescue organization posted on Facebook.  “Michelin is still too proud to wiggle his tail but we can see the light coming back to his eyes. The broken being mended takes time. These babies are worth it.”

Video #2 (Who can resist?)


And now it’s time for Michelin to get his make over.



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Donations are needed to help with their care and medical expenses.
#Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue:


Many thanks to rescuers Faith Easdale, Cassandra Aldridge, Bob Bennett, Patricia Hoyos and Jim Ralston.

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  1. They are adorable and hope they find loving homes soon. Thanks for rescuing them and for the groomer to make them beautiful and handsome.Many caring people who are there to help.

  2. HURRAY!!!!! This MADE MY DAY!!!!! DREAM FETCHER”S YOU MADE 3 little creatures FEEL GOOD for the first time since they were owned by the BASTARDS that dumped them!!!!

  3. God the poor little dogs are safe and helped ???????????? Whish them a god recovering and new careful foreverhome ????????????????????I hope also humans how put the poor dogs will be in jail för å Long time !!!!

  4. So glad these little ones are being cared for and coming around – they all deserve safe loving homes after the suffering they endured. How anyone could just dump any animal is way beyond my comprehension and whoever did this needs their ass kicked from San Francisco down to San Diego and back again. These bastards will never be found, therefore, I really hope their cruelty is repaid in the form of a date with an 18 wheeler – they deserve to be splattered all over the road.


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