Update on Ewok-looking senior surrendered by owners to be euth’ed

Volunteers and rescuers were at a loss for words when a tiny Ewok-looking teddy bear listed as 20-years-old was surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter. Terrified , confused and wondering why he was there, Radar just looked around in pure fright.

“You see, Radar is TWENTY YEARS OLD,”(20-years-old) wrote volunteers from the shelter on the rescue Facebook page. “His owner requested that he be euthanized because he has diarrhea and is vomiting. So this guy sits and waits all alone. Does he know he doesn’t have much time? Is he desperately searching for his owner?”

Sadly, Radar spent the night at the shelter depressed and frightened, however the American Justice League stepped in and rescued the sweet senior. A trip to the Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital told his story:

“He has little to no muscle tone in his back legs and walks like a very very old dog. Which by the way, he IS old but he is not 20. He is running a fever and our vet believes it’s from whatever is wrecking havoc in his gut. His bottom is so tender that he screams when touched near his rectal area or when he attempts to poo. X-rays revealed no fractures or blockages. While we were at the vet office the vet mentioned “it looks like he’s searching for his owners…” and it’s true. He sniffs around and when he doesn’t smell someone he recognizes he picks a person and cuddles as close as possible to them.”

Radar has received medication and has made himself comfortable in his foster home. It will be a wait and see situation how Radar progresses. Check out his video – love does make a difference.

This sweet angel is enjoying his dinner ❤️www.animaljusticeleague.org/donate

Posted by Animal Justice League on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

And then there are always the gentle head rubs to accompany chicken breast, rice and pumpkin meals.


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