Update: No more tears for Lucy, the abandoned dog unable to open her mouth

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Just when you thought you had seen it all, along came Lucy, another tragic case of animal cruelty; this time even worse than the time before. Lucas (now Lucy) came into a Georgia animal shelter filthy, injured with extensive cuts and even more worrisome – the dog was unable to open her mouth and reportedly had not eaten in two weeks.

Lucy’s story went viral way back in February, as she was shown gently coaxed out of the back of a truck twitching, drooling and shaking. Who could even have imagined the dog’s suffering as she was unable to drink, eat or even stick out her tongue to pant? As she was rushed to an emergency veterinarian, floods of messages poured in asking what could be done to help and how could this have ever happened?

Video #1 when Lucy was brought into the emergency veterinarian:


Days later, Lucy left the emergency veterinarian and headed to the organization’s primary Georgia area animal hospital. Her feeding and intravenous tubes were removed and she was eating on her own and taking her medication in her food. She was treated for tetanus and although she was also heartworm positive and her road to recovery has been a long one, her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. Lucy’s mental and psychological recovery, however was even more complicated. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, however never gave up.

“After about a month of medical care, Lucy was healthy enough to leave the vet. However, mentally and emotionally, she was nowhere near ready for a home. She was terrified of people, her eyes were blank, like the lights were on and no one was home,” wrote Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue organization. “Whatever happened to Lucy had been so traumatic, she was completely shut down. This was devastating to us, her rescuers, because we had saved her life, but now what?! We believe she likely lived chained out in the woods, so she had no human attachment at all. To truly save her, we knew we had to act fast, so we sent her to work with a behaviorist. For the first month, nothing changed. Lucy did not even acknowledge him, no greeting when he’d approach her, nothing. We were very concerned and worried about Lucy’s future. Finally, in the second month there, Lucy started to show minor improvement. She stayed another 6 weeks and he said he had brought her as far as he could. We finally had some hope that Lucy was letting her guard down and would be adoptable one day.”


To continue Lucy’s recovery, she was sent to an experienced foster home in Connecticut where her temporary family have the knowledge and expertise to help bring this dog to the next level in preparation for a new family.

Video #2 as Lucy continues to recover:



Compare the “before” video when she first arrived and the “after” video of Lucy. She is currently working on her socialization skills. Doesn’t she just make your heart smile?

Lucy still needs to be treated for heartworms. What an incredible journey Lucy is having, and all because of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and the compassionate friends and supporters who make seemingly impossible recoveries a reality.

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7 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    RDS of NYC, a truly one of the best rescues across this country. With their care and dedication, the most abused animal near deaths door are saved by their miraculous care from the initial care of a local partner to when the animal finally is transported to their facility. A worthy rescue who deserves what ever you can give them to continue their outstanding care of those animals who wouldn’t be able to make it without their intervention.

  2. susispot says:

    Wow! Tetanus is usually a death sentence. RDRNYC si amazing and unbelievably dedicated. I admire them greatly. Lucy is on the right track and I know she will be victorious in finding a perfect home.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    HUGE THANK you to all who went above and beyond to ensure Lucy’s recovery. The foster family has done an excellent job helping to socialize her and bring her out of the trauma she went through. You are all heroes for this poor dog who suffered so much. Now I hope the bastard who abused Lucy gets exactly what they deserve, a long slow painful death and no one cares. Some people have no right to breathe and this POS certainly applies.

  4. Red says:

    A big thank you and GOD BLESS everyone involved in saving this precious dog. What a wonderful recovery!! Just hope they find who abused her so horribly! Or….maybe Karma will find them and handle the whole thing….. as we are seeing….what goes around comes around.


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