Update: Dog with embedded collar saved by the thump of wagging tail

A stray dog, with a deeply embedded collar was finally captured on Wednesday; it was the thump of her wagging tail that helped the animal control officer pinpoint her location. Suffering in excruciating pain, the dog was brought to the Calhoun County Animal Shelter in St. Matthews, South Carolina.

“…I’ve been putting food out and water for this baby for 3 weeks. We even took the game camera out to try and get picture. Hadn’t seen in 2 weeks but the food had been getting eaten daily! I’m so glad you got him.,” a follower of the shelter organization posted Wednesday afternoon as the heartbreaking photos of the pup were posted.

Emaciated, dehydrated and having a difficult time breathing because of the embedded collar, the young dog had found some bushes where to hide and there she waited to die. Fate, however interrupted – when the dog heard the voice of the animal control officer calling her, she was so excited someone was coming to help her, she wagged her tail so hard – she was rescued.

Now dubbed Bethany, the dog was transported to S.N.A.R.R. Animal Rescue Northeast, where the dog’s kindness and loving attitude has already captured the hearts of her rescuers.

“She is at our vet and receiving emergency care. Besides the obvious of a TERRIBLE imbedded (sic) collar, Bethany is starved and weak and has a bad infection in her little body. Her neck is the size of a puppy’s, so we can only imagine that someone put a collar on her when she was a baby, and never bothered to change it. How any human being could sit and watch a dog get into this condition without doing anything is beyond my comprehension. Our vet said it’s the worst embedded collar case he has ever seen.
She is on medication to reduce the swelling and fluid in her head. Bethany also had an emergency procedure to make cuts into her neck to relieve some of the pressure. It sounds horrible, but without it we were worried she wouldn’t make it. Despite her condition, Bethany is sweet and grateful and still wagging her tail.”

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(Photos of dog rescued by thump of wagging tail via FB SNARR)

For more information and how to help Bethany, please click here:

PO Box 307 White Plains NY 10602
PayPal SNARR_23@yahoo.com

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Whoever ALLOWED this Horrific TRAUMA and PAINFUL SUFFERING DAY after DAY without intervention for this Blessed Little Dog should be Sent to Prison… This IS SIMPLY EVIL!!!


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