Update: Broken and neglected once proud Labrador slated for surgery

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Bae was another heartbreaking story of a once proud Labrador retriever as the sad reality of animal abuse and neglect reared its ugly head. Just days ago, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s co-founder Stacey Silverstein, was asked to help save two more lives at a rural Texas shelter.

“…She’s a broken down, homeless, neglected dog with a broken back and she is unable to use her back legs,” Stacey explained to the organization’s supporters and followers on Facebook. “Her hind legs are twisted and mangled. How long has she been like this? Dragging her back legs as they continually scrape on the hard concrete. Suffering and in pain? We were told by the shelter where she was dumped that if she couldn’t leave today she would be a mercy euthanasia due to her severe injuries.”

Bae’s transfer to a Texas emergency veterinarian, however was only part of the rescue story. A small black dog covered in mange moved behind Bae. In the organization’s frantic rush to help Bae, the tiny, scared puppy trying to push herself into the wall to become invisible could not be overlooked. She was named Fawn and also had been transferred to the veterinarian hospital.

On Friday, veterinarian examinations revealed Bae, who is only one-year-old, has a broken pelvis and leg; both injuries are “fresh.” She and Fawn are currently en route to New York City where Bae will check into the New York Specialty Hospital and undergo surgery on Monday or Tuesday. She will need two surgeries estimated to cost $5,000.

Fawn and Bae have bonded and afford comfort to each other.  How comforting to know these two rejected pups will now have new lives – all of which they both deserve. To donate to  their recovery:




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(Photos of once proud Labrador courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)


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  1. RDR of NYC the best!! They are there for all animals, not just those in their own area. Selfless group that works only for the animals. They do not give up and give each animal a chance at a good life. Wish more people knew about them. They can always use donations big or small.

  2. If not for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC both Brae and Fawn would have been put down – this is Texas where animal abuse runs rampant and the care of these animals is beyond minimal. For anyone to literally see the plight of these dogs and just walk by only shows the low form humans have sunk to – there is absolutely no way I could ever pretend not to see a neglected abused animal. I bow down to RDR for stepping up every time for animals desperately in need – I hope both Brea and Fawn recover and get the safe loving homes they were previously denied.

  3. I am ELATED to have an UPDATE on these 2 horribly NEGELECTED (Texas-of course) Female Pals! I Certainly and shocked to see Our Lab Lady is ONLY 1year old. She looks as if she has nursed at least one litter and maybe two already… OMG! Her little companion fawn as frightened and timid as a new born deer… Without the help of Rescue Dogs Rock NY these beautiful pups would have been PUT DOWN in That LESS than Animal Friendly so-called state of Texas !!! That doesn’t care enough of have Pride to get their ACT Together!!!

  4. I remember when my first Dalmatian developed a couple of tiny bald spots on her muzzle, barely the size of my little finger nail. We zipped to the vet and got meds for a red mange. Not a big expense when caught early. How can a person look at a mange begin and watch it envelop their pet? No excuse…


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