update about neglected dog

Update about neglected dog who collapsed at someone’s door

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A neglected dog, covered in dirty mats and too weak to stand, has made remarkable progress after being rescued last week in Tunica, Mississippi. The dog, now known as Pearl, was near death before being taken under the wing of the Tunica Humane Society – today, she is free from dirt and mats, and she is receiving life-saving care.

Update about neglected dog

On May 12, the animal welfare agency updated Facebook followers about the recently rescued dog:

I named her Pearl and her new life started the moment she was rescued by the Tunica Humane Society.

Pearl has a very tough journey back to wellness. She has advanced heartworm disease but we are going to do everything we possibly can to get her well again.

Today, she is clean and soft and enjoying being petted and loved for the first time in a very long time. This precious dog has suffered unforgivable neglect. Her new life is going to be everything she always dreamed about. And more!


She is on several medications to stabilize her condition. We are praying she will be feeling better very soon.

It is so hard to believe this is the same dog we rescued yesterday, clinging to life. She would not have lasted another day without intervention. She had completely given up Hope that her life would ever be any different. She was ready for her suffering to end.

When Pearl first collapsed at someone’s doorstep, it appeared that her odds for survival were slim. Today, hope has replaced despair and there is promise for Pearl’s future.

Follow this neglected dog’s progress at this link to the Tunica Humane Society on Facebook.

Prior article about Pearl, written before her fate was known, here.

(Images via Tunica Humane Society)

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7 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Such wonderful news and amazing what they did helped this dog so much. Grateful to the Tunica Humane Society for helping this dog basically come back to life. Hope he finds a forever home soon.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    This lovely Girl ( Pearl) the perfect name Needed a divine intervention which she was given !!! BY TUNICA HUMANE SOCIETY::: Thankfully… NOW what NEEDS to happen is the BUZZARD VOMIT SOB that treated this Poor GIRL in such a Horrific Fashion IS FOUND and THEIR IDENITY EXPOSED TO The community and surround area…ALSO they NEED TO PAY for EVERY DOLLAR of THE TREATMENT this GIRL NEEDS TO SURVIVE or GO TO the PEN!!!!

  3. vicki hood says:

    Pearl is safe. Great job Tunica. How gratifying that so many people cared. We do hope there will be prosecution of the scum that treated Pearl with such disrespect. If the vet and other saviors hadn’t been there for this innocent big girl, she would be dead. She was so tired of the neglect she gave up. Pearl is now valued. The Samaritans of Tunica that helped Pearl are extremely valued.

  4. Shelly Berchem says:

    “THANK YOU to ALL” for extending your HUMANE HEART’S & HUMANE HAND’S & saving this precious girl’s life… “PEARL” how fitting, she looks so lovely and I have been praying to God since I read about her. Praying God would help her heal and that she wouldn’t die. Prayers answered and I thanked God too… 🙂

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Pearl looks fabulous – what a transformation – GIANT THANK YOU to all who took part in rescuing and helping her to recover and hopefully her heart worm disease will be brought under control and she will get the safe loving home she obviously never had. You are all heroes and deserve to be very proud of what you did for this poor dog – and may the maggot puke who let her get in this condition find their true punishment under the wheels of an 18 wheeler – they deserve no less.


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