Family desperate to find missing service dog

‘Unstable’ man lost service dog – his family is desperate to find her

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An unstable man, described by his family as “severely mentally ill,” lost his service dog. According to Devin, the man’s daughter, the German shepherd named Rain disappeared sometime between July 18 and 26.

What happened to Rain?

In a public Facebook post, Devin wrote:

We are from the Augusta GA area, but he could have been as far away as Texas. We know at some point he was in Alabama as well. While my father was gone for the week he either lost or gave her away but he isn’t in the mindset to give her away and we REALLY want her back home and safe

According to Devin, Rain’s owner is “severely detached” from reality and he is unable to provide any information about his service dog’s whereabouts. At one point, the man claims that he “forgot” his dog while using a restroom, and at another point he claims to have given her away to a “young boy.”

A description of the missing service dog

Rain is a six-year-old, long-coated German shepherd. She is altered and has some white beneath her tail and in her ears. Rain has a tattoo in her ear – though her family is not sure exactly what the tattoo is at this time.

Devin added:

She usually wears a harness with a name tag on it saying “Seigler” but it’s possible that it’s not even on her. I know it’s not much but it’s all I’ve really got. Her name is Raina but she comes to the name Rain more so. She doesn’t like some Males & would come to a female before she would approach a male.

Rain is afraid of loud noises – she is not aggressive, but may be fearful.

If you know where Rain is

Devin is asking for help to bring Rain home. She wrote:

” I know this is a long shot, but please please please help spread the word and message me if you hear absolutely anything. Please text me at 803-574-3613″

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7 replies
  1. Ann Dolak says:

    Theres really not much hope for getting this”unstable”mans service dog back.It appears from info in the article;that this man should NOT be out in public on his own wthout a “human” caretaker.He cannot keep track of his dog& another trustworthy human WITH him(maybe hired by the family) him at all times is need to do that.Since tattoo info is not known; any finder wouldnt be able to identify this service dog, unless shes microchipped!For these reasons cant(but did)share.

    • Karen says:

      I can’t find the Devin Seiglers original post on Raina anymore. Anyone have an update on this. I found it very suspicious from the get go on her postings. Now all traces of it have disappeared.


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