Unfair, forgotten and on list to be put down

Unfair! Dog confiscated, forgotten and now scheduled to be put down on Tuesday

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Life could not be anymore unfair for a mixed breed dog named Golden. First he was confiscated from his home…then he was lost in the shuffle and forgotten, and now he is scheduled to be put down on Tuesday, December 11.

What has this pup done to deserve this life-or-death situation? Nothing. He simply had the misfortune of living with the wrong person – someone who did not treat him the way that he deserved to be treated. Now he may never know what it is to be part of a loving family and a safe home.

Saving this dog

The Facebook page, Focus on Furever, is trying to advocate on behalf of this forgotten dog. On Monday morning, a post was made on his behalf:


This poor guy got lost in the shuffle. Originally a confiscate and now needs a rescue!!!


Kennel 80

If not for networking, how would this dog ever be saved? He doesn’t even have an active Petharbor listing. You have the power to help advocate for this dog – if you are willing to take a moment out of your day to network this article, Golden may be saved.

Identification number A304508/kennel 80

Location: Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (Texas)
Emails must go to ccacsrescues@cctexas.com

Golden A304508

TAGGED BY RESCUE AND OUT OF THE BUILDINGDonations for Golden and other dogs rescued by Faith and Hope Foundation can be made to:https://www.paypal.me/FaithandHopeURGENT SCHEDULED FOR EUTHANASIA 12/11/18 – Update CCACS has extended until 12/15GOLDEN A304508Kennel 80http://petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=CRPC.A304508Location: Corpus Christi Animal Care ServicesEmails must go to ccacsrescues@cctexas.comMALE Labrador Mix59 lbsHeartworm Status: PositiveThis poor guy got lost in the shuffle. Originally a confiscate and now needs a rescue!!!#seeCC#VivaCC#mycorpuschristi#MerryCC

Posted by Focus on Furever on Monday, December 10, 2018

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9 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Adorable Golden needs to be taken out of this shelter and placed in a loving home or even foster home until he finds his forever home. Look at how friendly he is and deserves another chance to live out his life, not be killed. Please, shelter, promote Golden so he can be adopted.

  2. Barbara Lovelace says:

    I think we failed Golden our system took him out of a bad place to loose him in the system and then kill him is not fair I really hope and pray he gets a foster or forever home in time.


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