Unconscious dog collapsed in a field makes miraculous recovery

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It had been in the area surrounding  Udaipur, Rajasthan when rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited were called to help an unconscious dog that had collapsed in a field. Half of her face was submerged in a shallow pool of water; at first rescuers weren’t even sure  she was still alive. Her heart had been beating slowly, her respiration was shallow and the young, defenseless pup showed all the symptoms of having suffered brain injury as the result of a trauma to her head.

Rescuers carefully picked her up as she quietly whimpered in pain and brought her back to the hospital where treatment began. Several hours later, the dog dubbed Angela began to regain full consciousness, but she was not able to balance nor stand on her feet.

No one ever gave up on Angela, and although each day was a challenge, she repeatedly made brave attempts to stand. And then came a few wobbly steps and Angela began to walk – all the while her trusting eyes believing in the humans who were helping her.

Gradually changes came, and after two months Angela blossomed. Watch her video to witness her miraculous recovery.


Please donate for the animals who need extra time to heal:https://www.animalaidunlimited.org/how-to-help/donate

(Photos of unconscious dog makes miraculous recovery screenshots via Animal Aid Unlimited)

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  1. Red says:

    I absolutely LOVE ANIMAL AID UNLIMITED!!! When you have the time get on YouTube and watch their videos. They do some of the most incredible rescues…. it will bring tears to your eyes the love all these beautiful people have for the animals they save. If I ever get rich….AAU will see a really large check from me!!!


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