U-Haul billionaire dumps 7 sick Rotties to rescue she claimed she couldn’t care for

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In Gilbert, Arizona, the wife of a billionaire dumped seven sick Rottweiler puppies and their mother to a charity animal rescue claiming she could no longer care for the dogs. Shelley Froehlich, the founder and owner of Rotten Rottie Rescue, had not been aware the woman who told her she had been suffering from cancer, was Sylvia Shoen, the wife of Joe Shoen, the son of U-Haul’s founder with an estimated worth of $2.7 billion. You see, Froehlich felt sincere compassion for the woman and her dogs and waived the $600 surrender fee.

According to AZCentral, Sylvia Shoen failed to mention her husband was a billionaire. Even more troubling, the dogs had been so inbred, they suffered from hip dysplasia, were overdue for their vaccinations and tested positive for parasites one week before they were surrendered. Some of the pups suffered from mange, roundworm and one had been hit by a car. Medical expenses for the dogs were estimated to cost more than $15,000.


Rotten Rottie Rescue We received 7 Rottweilers. Mom, coco, and two- eight month old puppies from her first litter and four- 10 week old puppies from her 2nd litter. I will take King to a surgeon who can actually do the surgery this week and get a written estimate. My vet, can not perform this surgery as he is general practice and this will take a specialist. His guesstimate is that the surgery will cost $8000 but I have nothing solid yet.

Shelley asked the woman to pay for the medical expenses for the dogs since the rescue was unable to afford the surgery, but Shoen refused.

“Don’t force me to put them out of their misery when you can give them a good life. You probably have a hand bag that costs more than what [surgeries] would cost,” the rescue owner texted to Shoen.

And when the situation hit social media, the post was shared hundreds of times until Joe Shoen finally paid $15,310 to cover the surgeries for two of the dogs.

Video#1 (Watch how King had to walk)

“Suffering through every time he tries to move. I’m not sure how he dislocated his hip but it doesn’t take a brain to know that there is something seriously wrong with this puppy. And she refuses to get him the help that he needs? How dare she dump her dog on me in this condition, without any resources, and no options for him other than to put him to sleep or come up with $8000!,” Froehlich posted.


“Rotten Rottie Rescue What really got to Joe is that I yelped a bad review in his different U-Haul locations. All of them. Everybody should also do this!”

“…I want this to be her legacy. Not that she owned U-Haul but that she was a mean old nasty person that abused and neglected her dogs and sat back and watched them suffer day after day and could have done something about it very easily but refused to spend a few of the billions of dollars that she has to make them comfortable. Help me please do this. For the love of Rottweilers everywhere, make this woman’s name a household name and never rent another U-Haul ever again! Rent a truck from budget Instead! Thank you…”

Joe Shoen contends the rescue encouraged “people to act in a vile manner.” He said he apologized and stated his dogs were well-cared for and did not have worms.

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  1. And many of the rich, sub-human maggots wonder why we FIGHT so HARD to keep them from taking over OUR country. The Shoen’s have only managed to show that they are INDEED soulless devil spawn and serve to remind EVERYONE that their selfish, greedy, heartless position here is why we will NEVER allow you ass wipes have complete control. Period!

  2. What evil people!! The only way to even get him to respond in a positive way wasn’t to shame him over the suffering of his dogs, but to do a Yelp review that people would see so it would affect his business.

    Money is all scum like this understands. Every wealthy person isn’t a soul sucking maggot, but those who are are more vile than any rodent, cockroach, or slime dwelling creature on the planet. People had better wake up to the agenda they’re foisting on a segment of this population via Fox and other right wing sites before it’s too late.

  3. Sylvia Shoen should win the biggest “B**ch” award for this year. What a piece of work she is, a prime example of some of the “rich and famous”. I don’t care how much money this POS has, on judgment day she will be sentenced to rot in HELL!

  4. so she has cancer, well I feel a wee bit sad for her, but to do this to all these Hotties, that is plain evil. she can get medical help, and with her husband’s money, get someone to care for the dog/pups and pay for their medical.
    how evil of her and her husband. yes I repeated myself!

  5. I doubt this miserable bitch has cancer – she has over a billion dollars and refused to help these innocent animals – just another arrogant c-nt who thinks her money should enable her to treat animals like disposable objects. I applaud Shelley Froehlich for standing up to this piss poor excuse of a human and getting her to release a good amount of money for the medical treatment for the dogs. Now U-Haul’s reputation will go viral and I hope Sylvia Schoen’s cruelty goes nationwide and she causes her husband’s company to go bankrupt – she deserves all the negativity, death threats and backlash she deserves – this woman is and has proven herself to be a worthless piece of trash. Hope the dogs recover and get safe loving homes – that they previously never had.

  6. This bimbo and her husband need their names put on a national registry so they may never own or live in the same home with a pet for the rest of their rotten, despicable lives!

  7. LMFAO…as soon as I read about this EVIL,VILE, NASTY demon bitch, I went on Yelp and announced what she was trying to pull under their reviews for EVERY store in the Phoenix area. Perhaps God will inspire someone to beat her until most of HER bones are broken?

  8. Sylvia was dying, she also has children she’d be leaving behind, you guys are nasty horrible people to speak about a dying person like this….!


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