Two dogs found dead in plastic container along road

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Two small pit bull type dogs were found dead on Monday afternoon in a plastic container along an Upper Mount Bethel Township roadway. Both dogs were emaciated.

Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to the scene and found the dogs in a blue Rubbermaid tote with a lid. Inside of the tote, the brown dogs had been wrapped in plastic and blankets. It is unknown when the container was dumped along the road, but the area is wooded and rural – making the discovery of the dogs less obvious.

Anyone with information about the dogs’ death is asked to contact the police at 610.759.6106.

Rest in peace sweet dogs. You certainly didn’t deserve this. Be the voices for those who cannot speak. Report any suspicious acts of animal cruelty; you could save a pet’s life.


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11 replies
  1. vicki hood says:

    Tears. How they must have suffered. To the person who did this starving and abuse then finally killing them but showing others what he did,—-those with no conscience are deemed psycopathics. Beyond that. rot in hell.

    • Pamela Bolton says:

      AMEN. Tired of them getting s slap on the wrist for this cruelty. Unless the sentences are serious, this will NEVER stop.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    WHEN will those that have the authority start treating animal abuse like the vile crime it is?? These subhuman maggots that treat animals like trash need to be treated exactly like they treated innocent defenseless animals. The inadequate and light sentences are a joke and do nothing to punish the abusers – and in fact, gives them permission to continue their cruelty. They can ban these abusers from owning animals BUT that alone does nothing – who is going to stop them? No one, that’s who. ALL abusers have proven they are spineless cowards who pick on those who have no voice.

  3. Red says:

    Find the monsters who made these poor animals suffer immensely until they died….. may karma find them and show them what starvation looks and feels like!


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