Microchip snafu

Two different families want the same dog – microchip snafu complicates the situation

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Microchips are supposed to be the gold standard for proving that a pet belongs to someone – unless there is a snafu. According to KXAN News, a couple in Austin, Texas, is hoping to get their dog back after he escaped from a fenced yard over the Thanksgiving weekend and bolted – the dog, Wiley, has been a member of Keller Davis and John Baxa’s life ever since they adopted him over two years ago from the Austin Animal Center. But he might not get to go home with them.

The odd situation

Davis and Baxa immediately set out to find Wiley after he escaped from Davis’ parents’ house in Addison. Davis told the news agency, “He kind of escaped underneath the fence, and we immediately started searching everywhere for him.”

Wiley was ultimately picked up by a city animal control officer and taken to the local animal shelter – but when his owner went to retrieve him, he learned that there was a problem. The microchip scanner linked Wiley to his previous owner. Davis believes that there is a mistake with how Wiley’s microchip number was entered – he explained:

On every single piece of this, the microchip number is a 14 digit number, and apparently it’s supposed to be, the one that they have for him is a 15 digit number. And that’s a part of the mistake.

Davis and Baxa have since learned that Wiley’s prior owner wants him back too – the shelter is holding Wiley until the ownership situation can be figured out.

What do you think? Should Davis and Baxa be reunited with the dog that they adopted from the animal shelter two-and-a-half years ago? Or should Wiley go back to the original owner? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

(Screenshot via KXAN News)

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11 replies
    • Peggy Zechman says:

      I agree. Davis and Baca should get the dog they “ADOPTED” from the shelter back. The shelter should have checked for that chip “BEFORE” they put the dog up for adoption then they wouldn’t be going through this heartache now. It’s not right or fair. All this trouble could have been avoided if the shelter would have checked for a chip the first time the dog was brought in. This is their fault! Did the original owner even look for this dog? The guestion I have is if the original owner is given this dog back, is this shelter going to reimburse Davis and Baxa back their adoption fee? They adopted this dog, took care of it for 3 yrs, got attached, love this dog unconditionally and want him back because they love him, he’s their family. They should be given this dog back! He belongs to them now. It’s not fair to take their loved one away that they legally adopted from the shelter.

  1. Diana Rowell says:

    There is NO question, Wiley belongs with the family who has had him for the past 2 years. Obviously the previous owners gave him up at some point and I would be set against giving him to a family that relinquished him once, yet they want to dramatize this unusual situation. Look, this would NOT be a question if he had not gotten out, so it ought not be a question now.

    • Brenda Pereira says:

      This is a hard one, but i thought about how I’d feel if one of my dogs got lost. Maybe the original owner did want him, did search for him, and still love him. Shouldn’t they be able to thank the people who have been taking care of him and take their dog home? On the other hand, if the current owners were given or sold the dog, and they can produce proof of that, they should get to keep him. Proof could be an initial wellness with the vet it copies of the microchip receipt or the notice of changing the old information. We need King Solomen for this one.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I guess it would depend on the circumstances of why Wiley isn’t with the original owners, if he had escaped, was picked up, and the chip was scanned and the owners were contacted, and they relinquished him, then no they should NOT get him back. if the shelter that adopted him out didn’t scan for a micro chip or failed to contact original owners, then yes they SHOULD get him back. I feel for all concerned in this situation. I can’t imagine adopting a dog and then finding out he belongs to someone else.

  3. Karen says:

    If he escaped from the original owners as he did from the seconds then they have a right to have him back. If they had given him up to the shelter then the second owners should get him back. Either way there will be broken hearts and I feel for all of them.

  4. Kathy Shives says:

    Animals are property in most states. Do all these comments pro current adopter honestly believe if their vehicle was stolen and located 3 years later that the person in pocession should simply become the owner?

    There is not sufficient detail here on how this animal came up for adoption to make a decision.

    However, if the original owner did not surrender the dog, they remain the legal owner. Wake up folks, stealing animals and taking them a few states away with a sad story for rescue is the newest moneymaker. Please note, I have no details, am not saying that is the case, but these thefts happen every day and having an animal stolen does not diminish owners rights.

    I am suspicious of the shelter due to the issue with the micro ID. If the owner did not give up the dog, the shelter should immediately return him to his original family and offer any animal to the adoptive family at no charge. If you don’t like my comparison to property, imagine your child was stolen- no way the adoptive parents keep the child.

  5. Gerri Petersen says:

    If the dog was microchipped then it’s evident the previous owner didn’t do very much research in an attempt to find his dog! Other consideration should be how did the dog end up in the shelter in the first place? Surrendered? Stray? Confiscated? If the dog seems happy & bonded with the new family & it appears it’s well cared for, I think it should stay with the new family. AND if you adopt or buy a microchipped dog be sure you contact the miscrochip company & get the information updated!!!! Your name, phone number & addressed HAS to be associated with that micro chip number!!!


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