Two arrested after dogs found living on logging chains

Two arrested after dogs found tethered by heaving logging chains

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Two people in Horry County, South Carolina, have been arrested after multiple dogs were found tethered by heavy logging chains on property in the Conway area. According to WMBF News, Destiny Nautica Freeman, 25, and Peter Maurice Freeman, 35, are facing multiple counts of ill treatment of animals.

The disturbing situation discovered in Horry County

On July 25, the authorities were called out to perform a welfare check on dogs being kept at property on Hucks Road. Officers found multiple dogs on heavy logging chains, and other dogs in a filthy pen. Some of the dogs found at the property were described as “severely emaciated.” All of the dogs are said to be pit bulls or pit bull mixes. One of the dogs at the property had a broken leg with a bone protruding from it.

This was not the first time that officers had visited the same residence. Earlier in the month, officers visited the property and spoke with Destiny Freeman – at the time, officers expressed concern because the dogs appeared to be malnourished and were living in poor conditions.

The conditions had not improved for the 11 dogs when the officers returned to the property on July 25.

Arrested and released

The Freemans were arrested and they are facing 11 counts for ill treatment of animals – they were already released from the J. Reuben Long Detention Center on a bond.

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9 replies
  1. Red says:

    I think first on the agenda is to HIRE officers who truly CARE ABOUT Animals and not protect these low life, sorry excuse for human beings….. if the dogs were in this bad of shape, and were chained by heavy logging chains……wouldn’t it be a BIT OBVIOUS THEY ARE FIGHTING THEM or using them as bait? GEEZ PEOPLE use your damn head for something other than a hat rack!!! We have to be the voice for these poor animals that are owned by scum!

  2. Adrienne says:

    They should have taken the dogs and locked these scums up the first time they were out there. They have obviously used these dog as bait or fighting, either way they should be in jail for the way these dogs are. I find it hard to believe that police in each of these communities where there is dog fighting, don’t know where it is and arrest all those people. Are some police on the take and that is who it is not reported. Someone knows where these fights take place and each time there is one, they should be shut down and the scums arrested. Innocent animals suffer at the hands of evil things.

  3. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Put those ducking chains around their necks and let them stay outside with no did water or shelter for as long as those innocent dogs were out there and see how they like it. I hope they get a long prison sentence.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    And this is not the first time these two hunks of maggot shit have had a visit by authorities for their animal cruelty and yet, they decided they could continue their abuse and again, the cops in this hick town in South Carolina did little to nothing to stop them – apparently being from the south it is OK to abuse animals – these two filthy hunks of human trash should be tethered together with logging chains and dumped in a forest and left. They are good for nothing and proved it. These innocent dogs were victims and I bet used for dogfighting – no doubt in my mind.


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