Tragic update on Warrior: Couldn’t beat the odds of severe neglect

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Rescuers named him Warrior. Despite the heartbreaking neglect suffered by this stray, Warrior fought for weeks to stay alive. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had received an urgent plea from the New York City Animal Care Center to give Warrior a chance to survive. Tragically, Warrior closely resembled another dog – Gabriel; perhaps two of the worst cases of neglect the organization had ever seen.

“To have take on not one, but two of t he worst abuse cases we have ever seen, Gabriel & Warrior, both found in horrific condition in NYC, our own backyard, has been an awesome responsibility.”

Weighing only 23 pounds, animal control officers found the stray in a Bronx neighborhood hiding behind scaffolding and left shivering in the freezing morning temperatures. Rushed to the shelter, compassionate employees called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan who arranged for the transfer of Warrior to the organization’s emergency veterinarian hospital.

On Monday, the tragic news about Warrior brought tears to everyone who had hoped he could pull through. When he broke out with pneumonia, and combined with how weak and sick he was, his frail body could no longer fight.

“To say we are gutted does not begin to cover how we feel,” Jackie posted Monday evening. We poured out hearts and souls, literally everything we had, into trying to save them both and give them the lives they so desperately deserved.”

Rest in peace Gabriel and Warrior. You were loved by so many. The fight to save some of the toughest cases will continue. Many thanks to those at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and all of the supporters who have helped so many lost souls become healthy, happy and loved canine family members.

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  1. ,shelley says:

    Heartbreaking .. these poor pups never should have even been put in the position to have to fight for their little lives … nor any of the other thousands that cruelly end up having to every day … To you who abuse .. one question, please … WHAT on earth have these innocents so full of love, what could they possibly have done, or do, to you that they deserve this or worse, done to them ..??


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