Tragic update about dog who was purposefully set on fire

Tragic update about dog purposefully set on fire
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This morning, hearts are breaking for a small dog who was purposefully set on fire in Tuscon, Arizona. The dog, Lovely, was doused in gasoline on May 7 – allegedly at the hands of her owner, identified as 39-year-old Dean Sherfield Finley.

Though Lovely was rushed to Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) for care, tragic news was released on Sunday morning announcing that she had passed away. PACC wrote:

Our hearts are breaking. Lovely went into cardiac arrest this morning and despite the vets’ best efforts, they were unable to save her life. We are only comforted by the fact that she died knowing she was loved, not just by all of us but by the thousands of people who sent in donations, messages of love and support and who were rooting for our sweet girl.

The animal care center added:

There are no words to describe how we all feel today or how humbled and grateful we are to our community who showed an unbelievable amount of love and care for this little dog.

More information about the situation which led to Lovely’s death

The original article about the cruel situation which ultimately led to Lovely’s death can be accessed at this link.

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  1. ???????????? I hope the owner dies I hope she suffers the most horrific death Poor innocent dog rest in peace little one

  2. OMG RIP Lovely, you have to believe you were loved. Prosecute her “owner” and fry him with boiling hot oil!

  3. Very sad that Lovely didn’t pull through but hope there is justice for this wonderful pup. She was finally given the love she should have received her whole life but her so-called owner was too selfish to provide that for her. May she rest in peace and run free over the rainbows bridge. Must be jail time for this sub human that committed this heinous crime.

  4. Lovely was loved for just a short time, but has taken that love with her. Love never dies and I will love that precious little girl for the rest of my life. She was an inspiration to all of us who will continue to fight for the rights of the voiceless.

  5. OK now I’m gonna post my feelings for that putrid, diseased ridden maggot SOS masquerading as a female human being. That bag of filthy vomit will meet her fate and I hope that bitch suffers every day for the rest if eternity. Sick cunt that it is.

  6. Words can’t express my feeling toward the monster that did this to this precious little dog! May Dean Sherfield Finley rot in Hell and please punish her! Little Lovely deserves some justice in this. Bless all that took her in and tried to save Lovely, may she rest in peace.

  7. Individual’s that have this Desire to main, torture another living thing just because This Individual has Emotional , Mental issues Need to be removed from society at large and placed in an institution for the remainder of their lived…. What a horrific way for this poor little dog to die, all the while wondering JUST WHAT SHE DID TO MAKE HER PERSON WANT TO HURT HER>>>

  8. I hope there is some severe street justice in Dean Finley’s very near future – let the punishment fit the crime – hogtie this hunk of sewer slime and light him up – I would gladly hand over the lighter to see this happen – he deserves no less than what he gave to an innocent defenseless animal – May there be some REAL justice for Lovely – this poor dog did not deserve to be treated so inhumanely by this ghetto rat – now she is dead at the hands of someone who was supposed to love her – Man, I only wish I could get my hands on this piece of rotten trash – torturing him would be a pleasure.

  9. RIP sweet little pup….you did not deserve the horrid abuse you received at the hands of sick, vile, low life excuse of a human. PLEASE LOCK IT UP FOREVER….NEVER to be released again!


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