Tossed away like trash at the car wash

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A small, emaciated dog, weighing less than ten pounds had been thrown away as if she were nothing more than trash, at a South Houston car wash. No one knows how long she had been wandering alone and trying to find relief from her hunger and her infected skin. When a plea went out on social media, animal advocates rallied to help.

Kind hearts at the adjoining gas station stepped up to help with the puppy’s immediate needs, but the tiny dog, afflicted with a severe case of mange, needed much more attention and care than food, water and a reassuring hand. Advocates called out to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to rescue the small dog.

By Saturday evening, the starving dog, now dubbed Nelda, was safe. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization has made arrangements for Nelda at their emergency veterinarian hospital partner where she is now being evaluated and treated. Who can ever understand how anyone could let their dog physically deteriorate like this? Nevertheless, Nelda will receive the care needed and never suffer again.

Updates to follow.

(Photo of Nelda tossed away like trash at car wash courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Nelda can be helped by DONATING towards her medical care:

Read the latest animal news on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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  1. If I had the power to make law, I would make animal abandonment, animal neglect and abuse capital crimes. No plea deals, no parole, no early release. Old Sparky preferable.

  2. Texas NEEDS a SPECIAL task force ::::: sent in to all major cities and larger towns:::; the Animal Shelter’s need to be overhauled, staff EDUCATED and CERTIFIED in Animal care. There needs to be more shelter’s established and manned with professional people…RDRNY can’t do this alone… Although they have GONE over the Top trying….Come on Texas HAVE a little pride in yourselves and try and make a DIFFERENCE HERE!!!!!!

  3. Thank the agood Alford that anekda was found by someone willing to find help for her, and that she is now being cared for by RDR. Nelda will be fine now, treated for all her health issues, allowed to heal well, rest and recover and just as importantly, loved by all until she finds her furever home – no more waiting for someone to love and take care of her.
    As for the piece of work who abandoned her after a lifetime of neglecting and abusing her, I hope they are found and meet with the full force of the justice system from the inside.
    Just had an idea – all animal abusers should be sentenced to a year of jail time for every month of their dog’s age – just for starters and a fine of at least $1000 for every month of their age as well. I know many poor dogs are puppies, but hey, we need to start somewhere to separate lowlifes from animals.


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