Tortured cat finds forever home: Hearts smile for Hardy

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In Mount Rainier, Maryland, a once tortured and mutilated cat who faced an uncertain future at a local shelter, has found his forever home – thanks to the efforts and commitment from volunteers at Alley Cat Rescue.

According to a press release from the organization, the eight-month-old kitten had severe injuries involving his ears, limbs and tail when he was found at the beginning of the year. A Good Samaritan found the cat wandering around an apartment complex in District Heights and brought the cat to the Prince George’s County Animal Shelter. Someone had cut his ears and tied up his legs and his tail.

“Looking at his gashed ears and nearly amputated toes it was clear that these injuries were the result of intentional animal cruelty,” Alley Cat Rescue wrote.

“Our veterinarian assessed him and his prognosis was worse than we could have anticipated. The abuser had tortured the cat over a course of weeks. The cat had slowly suffered with no veterinary care or compassion. The abuser had tied the cats tail and limbs tightly and had cut his ears. His tail became necrotic and required surgical removal.”

Named Hardy after his incredible fighting spirit, it didn’t take long until the kitten was purring as his rescuers petted and gently scratched him. Affectionate in spite of what must have been no less than unbearable torture, nothing could dampen this brave kitten’s love of life. His tail and two of his toes required surgical removal, but even after his ordeal, Hardy still nuzzled up to humans for more love and comfort.

“Hardy is exploring in his new forever home. He is now named Martin after Martín de Porres, the saint who spoke to animals. Martin is slowly being introduced to his new sibling cats and his new home.”

Alley Cat Rescue continues to offer a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this crime.

Come celebrate  National Justice for Animals Week, an important time to focus on one of the most vulnerable victims of abuse. Learn how you can advocate for cats and help victims such as Hardy.

Check out Hardy’s new life as he gets used to pure luxury and love:

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  1. thank God this poor baby recovered fro this horriable or deal. i hope justice is served on the moron who tortued this sweet baby I hope Karma bites him or her real hard where it counts.

  2. He will Repay the Wonderful People that adopted him a THOUSAND TIMES OVER!! Martin is the PURRFECT NAME for him!!!

  3. HUGE THANK YOU to the proud new owners of Martin – you had no problem overlooking his injuries and making him part of your family – you will never regret adopting him and getting unconditional love. And to the punk bastard who tortured this cat – there is a drive by looking for your hood rat ass and I hope it finds you ASAP.


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