No kill may have to start killing

Too many dogs – not enough adopters and no-kill shelter might have to start killing

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There are so many homeless dogs at Arkansas’ largest no-kill animal shelter that the staff may have to do something they vow never to do…kill. According to NWA Homepage, the problem is simple math – too many dogs and not enough adopters.

Overcrowded conditions at the no-kill shelter

The HOPE Humane Society in Fort Smith is so crowded that dogs are being held in offices, bathrooms and hallways. As reported by the news agency, there are 450 dogs being cared for at the shelter which has just 256 kennels. Not only are there too many dogs at the shelter, but there is a long list of dogs on the list of pets who need to be surrendered by their owners.

No kill shelter’s efforts to save the homeless dogs

The animal shelter does not want to be forced to put dogs down.  Assistant Director Terrance Richardson told the news agency:

“We don’t want that. So we’re just fighting, fighting fighting. We’re planning events coming up. We got some fundraisers coming up. We’re putting together pieces to get out to the community, and communities in Northwest Arkansas. Just anything to keep us from making that decision.”

Find the shelter’s website at this link.

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8 replies
  1. SueBiss says:

    Why can’t they call other shelters up north and see if they can take any of their dogs instead of KILLING them?!?! The shelter I got my two dogs from always get dogs from overcrowded shelters. My dog I got 3 years ago was from a litter of 7 puppies they brought up from an overcrowded shelter to their shelter in Latrobe, PA.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I know our shelter has taken in dogs from down south before and I’m sure others around here have too. What is wrong with the people of Fort Smith Arkansas? Why are so many being surrendered?

  2. zorka says:

    owners giving up their dog, waiting list, some are in a situation whereby, they are compelled, the rest, shame, disgraceful, as if throwing away a family member, rethink what you elect to do with a loving, loyal family member.!

  3. Kat says:

    Can’t you contact rescues to see if they are willing to take some animals? Hopefully there are other organizations willing to help out so that no animals are unnecessarily killed because of overcrowded conditions!

  4. Adrienne says:

    I live in NY, and there are 2 shelters around me that get some of their dogs from other states, like Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, so why doesn’t this shelter network with all shelters throughout the United States and see what animals they will take and figure out ways to transport them to those shelters. Sure is a heck of a lot better to do that than kill them. Some states have higher rate of animals who are either spayed or neutered so they don’t have this type of overcrowding. Those states that have a high rate of abandoned or dumped dogs/cats must institute mandatory spay/neutering in their states until this over abundance of animals is under control, especially in Texas. Fine or even put in jail backyard breeders or those that even breed dogs out of their homes. Stiff fines with mandatory jail time for not having their animals spayed or neutered.

  5. Jan Barnes says:

    Will spread the word in every way possible! I am sure many will help with fundraising! Many prayers and blessings to you all’

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Contact out of state No Kill Shelters – this is done all the time – they must connect with other shelters who have room and can take in animals. There is no need to kill any of the animals – I implore the HOPE Humane Society networks with out of state shelters – I am sure there is a positive conclusion as long as this shelter steps up and connects with others to ensure ALL the animals are saved – there is no need to euthanize any animal – PLEASE make a concerted effort to help these dogs.


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