Tiny Yorkie tossed in the trash inside of plastic bag

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A tiny Yorkie was found throw away in the trash wrapped inside of a plastic bag on Saturday. The 12-year-old defenseless senior is currently resting comfortably at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in southern California and is on a required ten-day microchip hold.

The dog’s photos have attracted viral attention on social media with most comments centering around the lack of respect and responsibility for all animals.

“Dawn Sherman Eaton: What a sweetheart!!! All he needs is a bath and a haircut and he’ll be quite the handsome little man! How people can treat animals like this is so beyond anything I can grasp! How can they just throw away a living breathing soul who has donated his sweet precious life to this family like he was garbage?…”

“You could have at least left him at a vet, rescue or shelter!! It breaks my heart and crushes my soul to the core.”

Since Saturday there have been nearly 1,500 shares hoping to find the perfect rescue organization to help this frightened tiny Yorkie. A Facebook page can be followed here.

For more information contact the Baldwin Care Animal Care Center and ask for information about A5151954. “I’m a male silver and blonde Yorkshire Terrier. My friends at the shelter think I’m about 12-years-old. I’ll be available on February 28, 2018.

Address: 4275 Elton St, Baldwin Park, CA 91706  Phone: (626) 962.3577.

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  1. If you no longer want your dog at least tie them in front of a shelter or somewhere that they at least would be found and taken to a shelter and maybe find a new home. What cowardly people who do this to an elder animal. Hope the same is done to them very soon.

    • Thank you for rescuing this precious furbaby when you can. Sadly, seniors with bad teeth and medical issues etc have a difficult time finding a furever home. We decided that we wanted to give some of those seniors a good life in their golden years. So over the last 10 years, we have adopted 5 senior Poms from a Pomeranian rescue here in SC. Each of our furbabies’s have had issues (both, medical and some due to neglect and abuse), but with the proper care, allowing them time to learn to trust, treating them gently and with kindness and a heart full of love…each one overcame their issues. They learned to trust and have been happy with us in their furever home. In turn, each one has given us their unconditional love, hearts full of joy, and a better life because they are in ours. Four of my precious babies have crossed the rainbow bridge. They left this world as part of family…and…knowing they were loved. The memories we made with them, and the forever love in our hearts, are the gifts they left us when they got their angel wings!! We currently have our beautiful girl and we will be adopting a little 6 lb boy on the 24th!! My prayer for this precious little Yorkie is that he will be blessed to find his furever home and come to trust and know he is loved!! Hopefully he will go on to be a cherished member of a family where he is wanted and loved for the rest of his life. I am going to follow your Facebook page so I can follow little man’s journey to finding his furever home. Again, thank you so very much for rescuing him… when his hold is up…
      giving him the chance to be loved and have a happy life . Respectfully.

    • Thank you Cathi for this update – this little dog deserves the safe loving home he obviously never had – I hope someone comes through and adopts this adorable little dog. NO animal should be treated like a hunk of garbage.

  2. He was so VERY lucky to be found if someone had done that were we live he would have frozen in about 4 minutes!!! -9 degrees wind chill -28 and 18 inches of SNOW and STILL SNOWING… Bless his little heart.. I was thinking maybe his caretaker died and the ” positive POS CHILDREN ” tossed him

  3. My Yorkie is 15 & 1/2 years old. Her semi-annual teeth cleaning is tomorrow morning. She is our world. I so would take on this elderly boy to share the love with her. I am going to contact NPLB & see what we can work out. My soul is shattered but so glad he was found. I wish I had a list of all the people who do this so I could…

  4. I would take this little Diamond in a heartbeat. They are the sweetest and full of fun. I hope the owner (POS) is found and thrown in the trash. This is disgusting and the reason I HATE MOST HUMANS.


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