Tiny dog stuffed in pizza box found in public trash receptacle

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On Monday afternoon, Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs received a plea from a partner shelter in a rural Atlanta, Georgia area concerning a tiny abandoned dog stuffed in a pizza box and tossed away in a public garbage receptacle. The six-pound dog was rushed to the shelter where it was determined he was in critical condition and needed immediate rescue intervention to save his life.

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs had the six-year-old dog, now dubber Thumper, rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital where he is being cared for but listed in critical condition. Thumper is not able to stand; doctors believe he suffered blunt force trauma to his head as he is showing signs of neurological abnormalities and bleeding.

Meet little Thumper:

Thrown Away in a Pizza Box

We received a urgent plea from a partner shelter, about this tiny boy who was thrown away inside of a pizza box. This tiny 6 pound dog was found in a public garbage, in a empty pizza box, in terrible condition. He was rushed to the shelter, where they determined he was critical and needed immediate rescue to save his life. We had him rushed to a 24-hour emergency hospital for care. He is not able to stand, and the doctors believe he has blunt force trauma to his head, as he is showing some neurological signs, and has bloody discharge. We are heartbroken, that someone hurt him intentionally, he is so small and vulnerable. We have named him Thumper, and he is around 6 years old. Please consider helping us to be able to continue the medical treatment that Thumper needs. His medical care estimates are over $3,000, and we can not do it without your help. Go to www.nycsecondchancerescue.org/donate or click on the link below.

Posted by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs on Monday, April 2, 2018


Additional testing is scheduled for Thumper.

Follow Thumper’s plight here.

The shelter has launched an animal cruelty investigation.

To help with Thumper’s veterinarian care, please click here.

(Photo and video of dog found in pizza box via Facebook)

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13 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    OMG: how could anyone be so cruel???
    I hope this precious little treasure survives and can find a furever home where he will be a beloved and treasured family member!!!!!

    If he were in California, I would adopt him in a heartbeat…….. He is most welcome in my home (disability is not a problem as I have a fantastic veterinarian network who can and will help)…..

    It’s absolutely heartbreaking how awful and callous some individuals can be to defenseless animals……

    I just know that anyone who is deliberately cruel to others (people and animals) will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty…… Here’s hoping they get there ASAP after suffering in pain, alone, terrified and worst of all, unloved as they die (as they did to others)…….

    • vicki Hood says:

      Tears. Precious innocent is so violently abused by crazies and cruel people. Need to know what investigation is going on.

  2. Pamela Bolton says:

    And they call HUMANS superior being. This proves that to be a lie. Anyone who can do this is “sub-human” and doesn’t belong on this earth. I hope they are found and put in jail for life. What a waste of clean air on such as them

  3. Theresa says:

    So heartbreaking That person that causes this tragedy to this innocent animal needs to be caught in they need a bat in the fucking head

  4. Adrienne says:

    Prqy this dog makes it and they find the scum who did this. How depraved are people in this country now? I blame both political parties for not having the guts to go after people who do bad things like this. They just sit on the a.. and do nothing unless it benefits them. Both parties don’t care about Americans, their pets or anything we value dearly.

  5. Joanne says:

    ???????????? Heartbreaking and Horrific! Baby Thumper, I’m so very sorry those dangerous evil monsters horrifically abused and tortured you. My heart is broken for all the agonizing pain, horrible torture, disgusting cruelty, and dispicable betrayal you suffered from those evil scumbags! Baby Thumper, I’m praying for your speedy and complete recovery and that you are placed in a loving and caring forever home where you will be loved, respected, pampered and live a healthy and happy life with a wonderful caring family. I pray you will feel better and stronger with each passing day. I pray you will completely heal physically and emotionally from your horrible trauma. God Bless you and get well soon precious little Thumper. You’re in my heartfelt prayers sweet little baby. ❤️????????????????????????????❤️

  6. susispot says:

    Dear God in Heaven, please heal this little darling. He is so tiny and fragile. He needs a miracle that you can provide. Oh, please? Hang on Thumper, hang on…

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    The pizza box can be traced back to where it came from and who bought it through receipts – its not rocket science – whoever abused this tiny being needs to be held responsible and Atlanta Georgia needs to step up and take the time to find this bastard. Animal abuse in this country has become an epidemic because authorities do so little to nothing to find and prosecute them. IF they are found, judges treat abusers so mildly, they just walk away to continue their cruelty. FIND THIS MAGGOT –


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