Thug who bludgeoned 6 baby penguins to death will not be jailed

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A 20-year-old thug from Tasmania, who bludgeoned six baby penguins to death with a stick at Sulphur Creek in Tasmania two years ago, will not receive any jail time. Joshua Leigh Jeffrey was convicted in July and originally was sentenced to perform only 49 hours of community service.

According to the Daily Mail, Jeffrey and another man had beaten the fairy baby penguins on New Year’s Day in 2016 fracturing their heads consistent with blunt force trauma with an unprovoked attack that continued for several minutes. The defendant’s attorney told the court his client suffered from ongoing mental health problems since childhood.

Jeffrey showed no remorse and was convicted of one count of aggravated animal cruelty resulting in death and one count of take, buy, sell or possess protected wildlife without permission. He was also ordered to pay court costs of $82. Nine penguins were found dead, but the cause of death of three of the animals could not be established.

When sentenced, both the community and animal welfare groups expressed their disappointment “at the leniency of the sentence,” expressing the punishment would not discourage others from such egregious animal cruelty in the future.

After the July sentencing, the office of the Director of Public Prosecution appealed the judge’s decision declaring it was “manifestly inadequate.” On Monday, Justice Estcourt doubled the community service hours to 98. In addition, the defendant was sentenced to two months in prison, however that was suspended provided he commits no offenses during the next 12 months.

In Tasmania, the maximum sentence for aggravated animal cruelty could have been a $31,000 fine and up to five years in jail.

And that’s justice for protected wildlife?

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8 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    This vile monster needs to be locked away somewhere so he can receive “treatment” if he does indeed have mental issues. It did not state that he would be institutionalized for the health issues he has,so I can only assume he would be home? This court system must make positive this soul less creature must not be anywhere near any animals forever.

  2. Bev Woodburn says:

    The vile and evil psychopathic depraved animal torturing monster lowlives Joshua Leigh Jeffrey and the other evil monster must be bashed to death. The disgusting low punishment this vile and evil lowlife animal torturing monster Joshua Leigh Jeffrey and the other vile and evil monster received is a disgrace and both of these evil lowlives must die. What about the precious and innocent baby Penguins who were bludgeoned to death at Sulphur Creek in Tasmania by thes vile and evil lowlife animal torturing bastard monsters from hell Joshua Leigh Jeffrey and the other lowlife monster. These bastard monsters will continue torturing the precious Wildlife and other innocent and helpless sentient beings to dearth unless these evil and vile bastard monsters are not eradicated from our planet.
    Death to the pair of these lowlife pos. There is no excuse for there vile and evil sadism and evilness. I pray these two pos die an agonising death.
    RIP little baby Penguins. There punishment is death.

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    This useless POS deserves prison time AND a huge fine (can’t pay, so keep him locked up even longer)…….. Definitely should NOT be anywhere near people or animals……. shows NO remorse, no pity or compassion…….. a “true sociopath”…….. he will “graduate” to people (& that’s VERY scary)…….

    He will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty (hope he gets there ASAP (after dying a horrible death alone, afraid, in pain and unloved)…….. Justice is needed for those he has harmed (& truly, we don’t know how many others he has actually harmed)……


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