Throwaway dog slept next to her home for a year until she almost died

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In Edinburg, Texas, Sarita’s life has been a “living hell.”  On Tuesday afternoon, the throwaway dog was rushed to the Frisco Emergency Hospital. And after a year of egregious neglect, it is not known if Sarita will even survive.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help. The dog’s story and her heartbreaking photos moved animal advocates to tears. How could anyone be so callous?

“Her life has been a living hell! Her body slowly deteriorating, her family opened the gate, to let her go for the last time. For over a year she has slept next to their home, in the bushes just outside never leaving. Still watching her kids grow up. Not allowed to go into the gate.”

“Now she is in horrific condition. She needs urgent medical attention!”

Why Sarita’s owners have not been charged with animal neglect is not known, but the important issue is to help this dog.

Check out her brief video:

To help Sarita, please click here:

(Photos and video of throwaway dog via Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Updates to follow.

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  1. How could a “family” do this to a family member??? Shame on them!!! I pray this little girl makes a
    speedy recovery and is adopted by a forever family who will truly love and care for her as she so deserves!!!!

  2. Someone explain to me why the owners have not been charged this is horrible abuse they have no heart I pray this dog makes it and finds a safe loving home the owes need to be charged and their names made public

  3. What is wrong with these people???What about the neighbors who also did nothing ?? Glad NOT to live there, wouldn’t want to visit Texas ever!

  4. Those POS owners MUST be charged with animal cruelty and neglect!!!!!!

    Absolutely disgusting. If they didn’t want a pet, they should have brought her to a shelter (@ least she would have had an opportunity to be rehomed)…….

    These POSs have reserved places in Hell waiting for them where they will burn forever for their cruelty…… Hope they get to Hell sooner vs. later after dying horrible deaths alone, afraid, in pain and (worst of all) unloved!!!!!

    Hope Sarita can recover and get a new loving furever home……

  5. Thank you RDR of NYC for rescuing Sarita and pray that you can work your miracles on her. What type of vile monster family knowingly leaves their dog out of the only home she has ever known to just lay outside next to the house and watch . These creatures must have criminal charges brought against them now so that the courts can see just what they have done to such a loyal dog. How can any so-called human allow this to happen. In tears right now and pray for this dogs recovery so she can finally have the love she so deserves.

  6. Why haven’t these monsters been charged? What kind of life lesson is this to teach their kids? I shudder to think of what kind of adults these monsters are going to become, given the kind of ‘parenting’ they’ve had.

    What about the neighbors? How could they stand there and do nothing? Are they that afraid of the monsters next door, or are they simply callous and cruel like the ‘people’ in that house?

    What’s wrong with the authorities in that place that no one is taking this seriously? It surely explains a lot about some areas of Texas!

  7. I think it’s about time the good people of Texas step up and start taking action against this behavior. Certainly someone saw this poor dog being abused for a whole year and they should have taken action and called someone, and kept calling until someone did something before the dog is on death’s door. This is going on much to much in this and other States and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is commended for helping but this should NOT be their responsibility! This family that abandoned their dog needs to be charged and punished!

  8. What the Hell is Lacking in the State of Texas ::: that there is such a Lack of Respect, Accountability, Compassion, Humanity, Decency, for the Companion Animal’s that Human Beings have taken on and watched over and Loved for thousands of years. This goes back to Biblical Times… I am totally perplexed AS TO WHY NOT ONE PERSON STEPPED UP prior to this to Intervene in the Brutal Treatment the poor little dog has endured for So DAMN LONG…. Shame ! Shame! on those of you that were a part of this!!!


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