Throwaway dog slept next to her home for a year until she almost died

In Edinburg, Texas, Sarita’s life has been a “living hell.”  On Tuesday afternoon, the throwaway dog was rushed to the Frisco Emergency Hospital. And after a year of egregious neglect, it is not known if Sarita will even survive.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help. The dog’s story and her heartbreaking photos moved animal advocates to tears. How could anyone be so callous?

“Her life has been a living hell! Her body slowly deteriorating, her family opened the gate, to let her go for the last time. For over a year she has slept next to their home, in the bushes just outside never leaving. Still watching her kids grow up. Not allowed to go into the gate.”

“Now she is in horrific condition. She needs urgent medical attention!”

Why Sarita’s owners have not been charged with animal neglect is not known, but the important issue is to help this dog.

Check out her brief video:

To help Sarita, please click here:

(Photos and video of throwaway dog via Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Updates to follow.

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