Three-month-old pup choked on viral video safe from torturer

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A three-month-old puppy, shown being choked by a man who posted the disturbing video to Facebook, has been rescued by Corpus Christi Animal Care. According to the organization’s Facebook page, the puppy allegedly being choked by a man in Corpus Christi along with three other dogs have all been removed from the home.

 “We’re proud to report that we won the first round in court and all four animals were awarded to us. Once the time period for the owner to file an appeal expires, these animals will be up for adoption or rescue.”

The video, posted earlier in February, showed the 12-week-old pit bull puppy now named Captain being held up by its neck as the pet’s owner threatens to choke the pooch to death. The video quickly drew attention, and the Corpus Christi Police Department were dispatched after securing a court order to seize the puppy and any other animals being kept in the home.

Photos of two of the other dogs were also included on the shelter’s Facebook page.

One dog is a red Chow Chow and the other is a German shepherd mix. All of the dogs are expected to be available for adoption soon.

Many thanks to the animal advocacy community for reporting the disturbing video and apparent animal cruelty treatment of a tiny puppy. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Fortunately, these dogs have been rescued and are safe. Now onto the next and the next until one day all are safe.

The owner has not been publicly identified. Animal Care Services is working with authorities pending criminal investigation if the District Attorney’s Office decides to proceed.

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  1. oh how wonderful. please send a thank you to the police and the animal care facility. we have to show them we appreciate their work in stopping animal cruelty.

  2. IF THE DA’S OFFICE DECIDES TO PROCEED? Why wouldn’t they proceed with charges against this scum of the earth? Glad the furbabies are all ok.

  3. if the District Attorney’s Office decides to proceed.??? How could they not proceed if the video clearly shows the A -hlole choking the animal? I truly believe it is time for vigilante justice since the courts can’t or won’t do their jobs

  4. I ACTUALLY APPLAUD Corpus Christi , TEXAS!!!! TO see TEXAS actually TAKE a STANCE on the side of JUSTICE for ANIMAL’s… is BEYOND WONDERFUL… I hope the Judge and Other Authorities follow thru that this PUKE OWNS no MORE ANIMALS EVER!!! THANK YOU CORPUS CHIRSTI!!!!!

  5. This fat ass owner’s name, address and picture should be posted in every rescue and shelter in the state of Texas so he is unable to at least adopt a dog from one of them. He has the moral turpitude of a gutter snipe – I do commend Corpus Christie for stepping up and rescuing these dogs – BUT what is the hold up prosecuting this fat fuck? Please let this idiot be in jail and be treated as poorly as he treated this dog – he definitely deserves to become a victim of all predatory inmates where his butt can be used as a receptacle –


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