Three boys arrested for beating a pig and slaughtering chickens in school yard

Three boys – aged 12, 13, and 14, have been arrested by police after an investigation into the disturbing slaughter of chickens and the torture of a pig at a school farm in Sittingbourne, Kent, during the Christmas recess.

According to the Kent Online, the boys went on a rampage after breaking into the school. Surveillance cameras showed four intruders kicking a pig and repeatedly beating the animal with sticks. Also seen was disturbing footage of the suspects stomping on the heads of chickens and kicking them across the room. The principal of the Swale Academies Trust, Jon Whitcombe, described the intruders as “mindless hooligans.”

“…they (the children) have behaved in an abysmal manner towards some of our animals. We are now dealing with the consequences. We have had a school farm for many years. It’s a much loved part of the school community and the children really benefit from the opportunities the farm provides,” stated Mr. Whitcombe.

Additional reporting states the boys also left water running in the sinks trying to flood the school.

The children have since been released to the custody of their parents and a further investigation.

(Photo of school where three boys were arrested via Google)

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