Three Belgian Malinois dogs share kisses before oldest dog put to sleep

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If you have ever fallen in love with a dog and had to make the difficult decision to humanely put him to sleep, this story shared by a Reddit user, will show you how perceptive three Belgian Malinois family dogs handled the heartbreaking situation just a few days ago.

According to Fox News, when the viral photo of the three Belgian Malinois dogs were shown sharing kisses before their final good bye to the oldest dog, 11-year-old Sef, later that morning, it would seem the other two dogs knew. Reddit user, Rawtashk stated their vet was coming to the house to euthanize Sef.

“You know you have a good boy when your vet doesn’t normally do at-home euthanasia, but she volunteers to come out and do it for Sef,” he said.

Earlier that morning, the other two dogs, Rhonin and Jaina knew their brother would be leaving them. They lavished him with kisses before the vet arrived.

“Sef was able to go peacefully at home, while my wife and I stroked his fur and told him how much we loved him and how much we were going to miss him,” Rawtashk continued. “I love you Sef. You were the best boy I could have ever asked for. I would have carried you forever, had I been able to, but it wasn’t fair for you.”

Many readers admitted to openly sobbing as the story unfolded.  The other dogs, five-year-old Rhonin and two-year-old Jaina miss their brother, and following up on his post, Rawtashk thanked everyone for the kind words.

“… We said our goodbyes and he’s getting cremated so we can put his ashes on the mantle next to our first dog. He was the best boy I could have ever asked for… Love you buddy, I hope you had a wonderful time.”

If anyone would like to do more as a remembrance of Sef, donations can be made to the Amercan Belgian Malinois Rescue where he had been adopted.

Rest in peace big guy. You certainly were loved.

(Photos of Belgian Malinois dogs saying goodbye via Reddit)

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8 replies
  1. KMR says:

    No one looks forward to euthanizing a beloved pet. Since it is inevitable, and our responsibility as pet guardians, this is the way it should be done.
    It sounds like Sef was dearly loved by his humans, and his canine brothers too.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Sef, you had wonderful parents and siblings and now you will be able to run free of any pain. You were loved by your family and you returned that love to them.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    THIS IS EXACTLY “JUST WHAT A LOVING AMERICAN FAMILY IS LIKE!!!!!!” AN EXAMPLE of LOVE < DEDACATION<SELF AWARENESS OF THEIR PET FAMILY NEEDS< & THE VERY MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL HEART"S MADE OF GOLD TO KNOW AND PROVIDE TIME FOR THEM AND THEIR OTHER PET"S THE ( Especially ".SEF") SUPPORT and REMAIN NEXT T0 THEIR COMPANION AT HIS TIME OF NEED! I HAVE THE UTMOST RESPECT FOR THESE PEOPLE. This is What OUR COUNTRY and what a large number of it's Population Believe IN . I most certainly don't have a clue as to WHAT has become of our Country the last COUPLE of Decades to Make SUCH a huge Difference TODAY.. It is my hope that EVERY ONE of us will sit down this evening with Our Significant other's , children for those that have them , Friends and read or talk about the passing of SEF… I also HOPE VET OFFICES WILL PUT A COPY ON THE BULLITAN BOARDS. SEF KNEW HE WAS LOVED!!!


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