The magic of butterflies about to be lost and bulldozed for border wall

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At the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas, visitors can revel in the beauty of more than 240 varieties of butterflies. Monarchs color the diverse sanctuary in the spring and the fall; the subtropical area extends to the banks of the Rio Grande along the US-Mexico border.

Now more than 70 percent of the sanctuary could be lost, fatally harm the ecosystems and tourism in an already economically struggling area of the Rio Grande Valley. And how did the sanctuary attract the diminishing butterfly population in the United States?  Conservationists  populated the 100-acre facility with a range of plants that specific breeds of caterpillars feed on.

According to People Magazine, the president of the North American Butterfly Association, Dr. Jeffrey Glassberg stated,

“On a good day you can see a cloud of 200,000 butterflies, and that’s what the border wall is threatening to destroy.”

Just last week, the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling allowing the Trump administration to waive 28 federal laws, including the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Air Act, to begin construction of 33 miles of border wall which would go through the butterfly sanctuary. The economic impact is expected to be catastrophic since tourism accounts for more than $450 million to Hildago and Starr Counties adjacent to the valley where tourists come to see the butterflies and other threatened species. Soon they will all be behind the wall.

The description of the would-be wall includes a 30 feet tall concrete and steel structure, a road and a 150 feet “enforcement zone” where all plants and anything alive will be terminated. Environmentalists fear the nearly extinct ocelots still living and breeding in the area will be killed.

On Tuesday, the President met at the White House in a public discourse with leaders of the Democratic party threatening to shut down the government if he doesn’t get the funding he wants to build the war. He also threatened to use defense  spending. However the wall could be financed, the end will be near for many species of butterflies, the threatened Texas tortoise, the Texas indigo snake and Texas horned lizards.

The federal government can use the eminent domain law to acquire privately owned property. There are no negotiations with the government; they decide where and at what price. Even though federal government scientists have raised concern for the wall  harmfully affecting imperiled species, the warnings were stripped from a key letter to the United States Customs and Border Protection.

“Federal government scientists raised red flags last year about President Trump’s proposed wall for the U.S.-Mexico border, suggesting that it could harm the habitats of imperiled species living in the ecologically diverse region. Constructing a physical barrier in southern Texas, some said, should be avoided if possible.

But a number of those concerns did not make it to border officials considering the wall’s construction.

Interior Department officials stripped from a key letter to U.S. Customs and Border Protection a number of warnings by career biologists and wildlife managers about the potential impacts of the border wall on the area’s rare cats and other animals, according to new documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.”

Want to help? Find more information here:

National Butterfly Center   ICYMI: We’re in the path of the first new section of border wall to be built in a decade. READ. SHARE. JOIN. DONATE to our campaign to help PROTECT THE National Butterfly Center #Resist #NoWall

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  1. Donna L Hawkins says:

    This regime has proven over and over that it doesn’t care about animals in the least! This wall move will be devastating to animals and the economy in this area!

  2. Sue says:

    I’ve been around long, enough to recognize a railroading when I see one. I don’t doubt the sincerity of this site, but that it’s picking up on the latest “news.”

    The 24/7 attacks on the President (not just in the “news,” but everywhere, from every angle, is absolutely being orchestrated by globalists, and yet so many people don’t stop to think, but eagerly soak up the propaganda, jump on the hate bandwagon, and join in the mob assaults. One would think, if one cannot think for oneself, that never-before felonious crimes are being committed, from what is coming at us from just about every major venue of “information.”

    I became an activist fairly early in life, because I saw injustice and wanted to “fix” it. And so, I learned a very long time ago about the phoniness of the news media, and who it’s masters are. I also know that, at least since the settlers came to this country (and “tough luck” to it’s original inhabitants, some of which were my ancestors) the point of having legal immigration standards is to weed out criminals, and others who come to drain, not to contribute. But the globalist strategies include creating chaos – and they’re doing a good job of that – and right now to instill hatred for their mortal enemy, the man who wants to keep this country sovereign.

    I don’t want to take up a lot of space here, so I’ll just include a few sites, and hope that at least a few folks can connect the dots:

    Windfarms kill 10-20 times more than previously thought ……

    Big Solar’s Death Panels – Mother Jones
    CASH ON A HOT TIN ROOF. Solar installations are pricey up front (up to $30,000 for a modest single-family home), and commercial projects can harm the environment.

    Monsanto’s global weedkiller harms honeybees, research …

    Artificial lawns are damaging wildlife, say conservation …

    What Globalists say; what they really mean « Jon Rappoport ……

    The truth behind “Trumps wall” — Steemit

    • Laura says:

      Too true, Sue, thanks for saying all of that. Aside from those issues, butterflies FLY and are not really affected by any walls, and plant life will continue to thrive on both sides of the wall. The main thing affected by the wall will be the free flow of illegal immigrants into the USA and all the related problems of having our immigration laws flouted by millions of unknown people, needed jobs taken by them, violent criminals among them, etc..

  3. Luana Duncan says:

    WTF??? The Trump administration can all go 2 hell!!! They are all greedy an just care about money!! I hope this wall never goes up!!! All the beautiful creatures will b gone 4ever if they do!

  4. maxiemom says:

    Let me start by saying that I hate donald trump. In fact, I hate him more than I have ever hated any ‘human being’ in my life. I think he’s the most vile, despicable, deplorable, disgusting POS ever to set foot in DC.

    I also think the wall is a waste of money and is only being built to placate his brainwashed cult. It’s nothing but feel good candy for them. There are more efficient, better, high tech ways of doing this that won’t harm endangered species or put any of our citizens on the wrong side of the border, which is something that keeps being left out of this conversation. It wouldn’t require taking all of that land from people.

    If trump weren’t the most vile, selfish, disgusting, malevolent scumbag ever to live in the White House he’d care about all of that. Because he is all of those things, he never will. He doesn’t care about the animals he’s dooming nor the lives he’s harming. It’s always about him and what he wants. Nothing and no one else matters to him. B*****d.

  5. Larry says:

    The one thing nobody seems to be talking about is that a border “wall” is a stupid idea from the start. Gen. George Patton in WW II once said “fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man.” A wall is a fixed installation the invites someone finding a way or ways to “defeat” it. Why not use the same money to create a “border security force” with capabilities to maintain round the clock surveillance along the border (C-130 aircraft equipped with infrared sensors could look far into Mexico and locate those approaching the border long befre they reach the border) and reaction forces stationed at intervals along the border equipped with helicopters and all terrain vehicles who can move quickly to intercept those who try to enter the country illegally before they can cross the border? A force like that would be much more effective in securing the border than a wall.

  6. Adrienne says:

    As much as I support this sanctuary and the work of the preservation of the butterflies, I also feel very strongly about the safety and control of our southern borders and the prevention of those coming into our country illegally regardless of the reason. There are many reasons to support this wall and both sides need to work together so that this sanctuary is still protected. Compromise and understanding the other side is what must be done.

      • Sue says:

        Yes, it is very reminiscent of a lynch mob; people influenced, then fired up, by suggestions which are fed to them (refusing to stop, think, or research for themselves, just believing what they’ve been told by “authorities” is true). A very sad representation of ‘human’ herd behavior.

        Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Medias…

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