Terrified poodle hid in oven and survived Greece fire

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A terrified, tiny poodle hid in an outdoor oven and miraculously survived one of the deadly fires in Mati, Greece. His coat was singed yellow, his eyelashes had been burned away, and his breathing was labored when he was found on Monday.

According to  News247, rescuers described him as a “burned, shaggy rug.” Animal rescuer Artemis Kyriakopoulou found the dog and offered him some food and water. The dog had crawled into a brick-built barbecue and waited out the fire. No one knows how he survived. On her Facebook page, Artemis told the story:

“In a forest in the Mati area that has been completely destroyed and which is a tomb for the hundreds of animals we were looking for, we managed to find this creature in a furnace of a burnt house …

Burned, hurt, hungry, and of course scared we managed to get this and his brother (in better condition) after 2.5 hours trying to get along with Vets4Life in Veterinary.

Needless to tell you that the second dog that is not portrayed in the video patiently awaits his boss at the entrance to the house …. please let us know and help us find their bosses if they exist. “

The dog, now named Loukoumakis, has been cleaned up, is in foster care; he had most likely been a stray. Rescuers continue to search for more survivors.

Tragically hundreds of dogs and cats perished in the deadly fires. Statistics report 91 people died as the fire ravaged through the towns in just a few hours.

Check out this little guy’s video as he figured he was rescued:


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  1. So sad that the people couldn’t save their dogs and cats. I am sure that families are devastated by their pets being gone. A bright spot in an otherwise tragic disaster that these 2 dogs were found. Hope more are found for the families who had pets. It would certainly help them deal with the loss of their homes. Your pet can carry you through many sad incidents.

  2. Yet another miracle! What a smart little guy to find that place to hide! Many prayers to these little ones and to all the people and animals in Greece!


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