Terrified circus elephant fell and toppled into audience during performance

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A terrified circus elephant performing in Osnabruck, Germany on Wednesday in one of Germany’s largest circuses, accidentally bumped into another elephant carrying a female performer and toppled into the audience.

Fortunately no one was seriously injured, even though several audience members suffered scratches and abrasions. According to the World News, animal advocates are calling for a ban on all animals being forced to perform in captivity. The Circus Krone  caught the ire of social media after footage of the scary incident was shared online. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) addressed the accident as “inevitable” because of the conditions of the performance.

“It occurred because wild animals from different regions and families have been thrust together and forced to perform,” PETA stated. “Heartbreaking video taken during #CircusKrone shows an elephant shoved into a group of spectators and then crashing to the ground. Two other elephants were involved.”

The head of the circus dismissed what happened and said the animals regularly argue with each other and the behavior is “natural and normal.” Just last month, one of the circus elephants managed to escape and walked through the streets of western Germany before he was captured.

Germany is one of the last nations along with France, Spain and Switzerland that still allow wild animals in circuses.

The elephant that fell is said to have injured his ankle. The other two elephants tried to help their fallen companion up. After a short intermission, the show proceeded. It will continue on a tour through 30 Germany cities. Advocates continue to ask the public to avoid animal circuses and urge the government to ban this painful animal cruelty treatment.

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(Photo of circus elephant falling via video recorded)

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8 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Luckily no one died but I guess that is what they are waiting for to end the use of these animals in their so-called circuses.

  2. Kathy Colbert says:

    Stop using animals in circuses! There are too many injuries due to them being forced to perform! Animals are better left alone in their natural environment! There are other ways to entertain crowds who come to the circus. Please stop the use of animals in the circus!

  3. Linda Patton says:

    The performers should have been injured to the point of being forever crippled. Humans have no regard for animals or their feelings, fear, pain. Using animals must be stopped permanently immediately!!! I pray the elephant who was injured is alright and heals quickly and completely. The government must stop this horrific use of innocent animals!!!

  4. Jan Barnes says:

    This is exactly why circuses should be banned worldwide!

    Here in Hawaii an innocent circus elephant named “Tyke” was brutally gunned down and murdered when he got scared, panicked and ran into the street! This beautiful animal “had no chance”! We have mourned the loss of Tyke for years and will continue to do so!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Animals are not entertainment and NO animal should be forced to perform stupid tricks – this is unnatural and the training methods are beyond cruel. All circuses should be banned from having animals in every country in the world.

  6. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    This is HORRIBLE!!! These magnificent animals do NOT deserve to be treated like this!!!! Free these magnificent animals and if they want to see elephants perform then have the idiots who make them do this wear costumes and perform these acts!!!


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