Terrified bunny rabbits huddled against rock wall to escape forest fire

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A terrified bunch of bunny rabbits huddled against a rock wall in Thousand Oaks, California trying to flee the fury of the forest fires in the Woolsey area. A news camera from CBS caught sight of the half-dozen scared bunnies nestled against the wall for protection.

According to CBS, reporter Kandiss Crone spotted the little ones noting the glow of the fire seemed to have been reflected in the little ones’ eyes.

“The little bunnies there, quite a few of them, we’ve seen trying to escape the flames and get out, get to safety because their home, their habitat is on fire.”

More than 90,000 humans have been evacuated from the area’s 40,000 homes and 14,000 acres in danger of burning. Cars could be seen driving by as families continued to leave their homes, Just one evening prior, Thousand Oaks had been the scene of a deadly massacre of 12 innocent people having fun at a club.

As of Saturday morning, at least nine people have been killed in the fires with more than a quarter of a million people forced out of their homes as the Camp Fire in the north and Woolsey and Hill in the south continued to burn. People evacuating the Camp Fire, were forced to leave their vehicles and run for their lives.

Malibu mansions have burned to the ground, the Los Angeles Zoo ran to protect animals from smoke.

As of this time, the Camp Fire is 20% contained, the Hill Fire is 25% contained, however the Woolsey Fire remains out of control.

(Photo of bunny rabbits huddled against wall from fire via freezeshot Cbs News)

Catch the bunnies in the video here:


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