Terribly neglected 14-year-old Shar-Pei still loves to cuddle and kiss

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A terribly neglected 14-year-old Shar-Pei, seized by Humane Law Enforcement officers in Texas, is now on her way to New York City for specialized veterinarian care. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was made aware of Rouge’s tragic plight and stepped forward to help. Rouge, known for the breed’s affectionate and devoted temperament, just wanted to be loved.

“Rouge breaks our hearts. This sweet 14 year old Shar-Pei was just seized by Humane Law Enforcement and is suffering from horrible neglect. Despite the neglect she has gone through she loves to cuddle with staff, seeks out attention and is very gentle and sweet,” wrote the organization’s co-founder, Jackie O’Sullivan, early Saturday morning.

Rouge is emaciated, has severe ear infections and has an obvious head tilt. In addition, she suffers from a myriad of physical health issues likely a result of severe neglect.

“She has severe skin infections which are especially bad in her legs with proliferative tissue which has led to hypertrophic tissue which could be caused by unknown reason. She is anemic, has arthritis, entropion and one bladder stone. We truly believe that Rouge has more love and life left to give and are desperately hoping she can find placement asap,” Jackie added after she confirmed that Rouge was heading to New York City.

If you would like to foster, adopt or volunteer, make sure to contact RDR NYC here.

Donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org or mail: RDR NYC, PO BOX 101, NY, NY 10028

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6 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    Like so many, when she was a puppy, the loved and cared for her, but just like those self centered abusers they just ignored her. Even those who fall on hard times, or are too old or disabled to care for her could call for help. There are so many rescues and shelters everywhere. How shameful to let your dog get to this point after so many years of her being devoted and faithful to you!!!!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    RDR of NYC will do their utmost to give Rouge the best care that there is. She has the will to live and the love to give, so hope those 2 things will pull her through. How do people let an animal get this way and why? If you do not want the dog surrender it to a shelter before it gets to this condition, where it is still adoptable. No extensive treatment to care for Rouge is required.

  3. Pamela Bolton says:

    I hope Karma bites her owners REAL HARD and leaves them In the same shape they left her in. HUMANS like this deserve to be tied to a tree and shot.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    These owners need to have their useless butts sitting in jail on FELONY animal cruelty charges – the post does not even mention them. Only due to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is Rouge getting medical care. Of course, this being Texas – the land where animal cruelty means nothing, those responsible for Rouge’s condition are probably free to neglect, torture and abuse other animals. If not for RDR, Texas in all their failure of animal welfare, she would have been put down with no care at all. RFR is the absolute Gabriel the Archangel for animals in desperate need of help. I hope Rouge recovers and gets the safe loving home she obviously never had.


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