Tennessee woman killed 3 puppies and threatened to stab boyfriend

Tennessee woman accused of killing 3 puppies during fight with boyfriend

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A Tennessee woman is accused of a reprehensible act of violence which claimed the life of three young puppies. According to multiple sources, Jarica Brown killed the trio of 10-day old puppies on Sunday while fighting with her boyfriend.

Unconscionable act of violence

In the midst of the row with her boyfriend, Brown allegedly turned her anger to six pit bull puppies in the home – throwing each of them to the ground and then forcefully kicking them. Three of the puppies were not able to survive the injuries which resulted – the other three puppies required veterinary care.

Not the first time

As reported by WREG News, Brown and her boyfriend have had violent encounters in the past. In fact, in 2009 Brown was arrested for attacking the same man that she was fighting with this past weekend. In a separate incident, she stabbed two people. During Sunday’s altercation, Brown is accused of threatening to stab her boyfriend in the chest – she did “poke” him hard enough to leave two puncture wounds.

Behind bars and facing charges

The violent attack landed Brown behind bars and facing charges for aggravated assault and aggravated cruelty to animals.

(Booking photo of accused puppy killer/Memphis Police Department)

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12 replies
  1. jeanette says:

    what the hell has happened to this society in the past 20 odd years. people are going nuts, taking it out on little kids and defenseless animals.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    She sounds like a maniac nut case and why this man stays with her is anyone’s guess. Of course he may be just as bad. She needs to spend some time in jail, she is on the path to kill a human next!

  3. Red says:

    WHY is the nut job even loose??? Sounds like she needs to stay behind bars. Now because the COURTS released this idiot…she has murdered 3 defenseless puppies!

    • Animals#1 says:

      Better yet Red, she should have been fertilizer years ago. Never any punishment for what people do. Victims are always forgotten. No second chances get rid of them the first time . Eye for an eye justice is what is needed to clean up this world.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Put her behind bars and lever release her.The next thing she succeeds in killing will be a person, young or old, but it will happen if she isn’t locked up forever.But, this court system releases these evil creatures until they do actually kill a person, then she will be locked up forever, but someone,even a child could be dead.

    Wacko’s like this do not deserve to be free around normal people (whatever that might be now).

  5. pennysdachshunds says:

    One LOOK AT THIS ETHNIC PUKE WILL answer the QUESTION!!! DRUGS!DRUGS!DRUGS! IN the last 20 years as one Poster stated it has become so much more violent in our country.. Why AGAIN DRUGS! DRUGS! DRUGs! Our law enforcement turns their heads at 98 % of the multitude of Drugs and VIOLENCE!!

  6. PAMELA D says:

    It took the death of puppies to get rid of this ugly ass bitch. Somebody needs to thrown this welfare bitch to the wild hogs so they can rip her ass apart. POS can’t control her anger so she takes it out on innocent puppies another fucked up subhuman that needs to get off the earth. Hopefully she will get tortured or beat up that allows her to be in excruciating pain. Rot and Die ugly mentally sick bitch.

  7. maxiemom says:

    She sound like a real loose cannon and someone who definitely shouldn’t be allowed out in the world. Keep her behind bars before she hurts someone else.

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Jarica Brown needs a massive beat down – I volunteer to do this as this crackhead proved her worthlessness by taking her anger out of innocent defenseless puppies. I would treat her just a cruelly as she treated these little ones. She has a history of violence and needs to be stuffed in a cage and left to rot. Just another waste of flesh and bone who is no good for anything.

  9. Jo says:

    Cut off those offending puppy killing hands!! The thought of doing such a vile thing makes me want to drop her off a six story building and her hoping to die on impact!!


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