Teens rescue young kangaroo stuck in the mud

One very lucky kangaroo owes his life to two teens who rescued the distressed animal who had been helplessly stuck in the mud. Nick Heath and Jack Donnelly, 19, had been riding their motorbikes along the Agnes Banks near the Nepean River in Sydney, Australia, on Sunday when they spotted a head peeking out from the muck.

According to NewsMail, the young men couldn’t reach the kangaroo and raced home to find some rope for the rescue. Donnelly then tied the rope around his waist and carefully waded into the thick mud to retrieve the frightened animal; moments later with the kangaroo safely in his arms, Nick pulled them both to safety.

“I first spotted the roo when Nick and I were riding in the bush and I saw this head sticking out of the mud,” Jack stated. “The roo’s life was important to us so we went out on an arm and leg and got it,” Nick added. “We think he went searching for water there and it was really muddy so he got himself really stuck.”

The roo has been turned over to a wildlife rescue organization, WIRES where he is being treated for dehydration, however he is expected to make a complete recovery.

Both young men have been receiving numerous accolades, and of course they deserve it, stating they would do it all over again if needed. Social media pages are filled with heartwarming thanks very similar to the following:

“Bron Schrooder Well done guys! That’s the difference between boys who are compassionate, caring and actually want to help than ones who wouldn’t. You are amazing and I’m sure your parents are proud!”

And we all bet their parents are indeed proud!

(Photos via Facebook)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Congrats guys! Your parents, friends and neighbors must be so proud of what you both did. A credit to some of the youth of Australia.

  2. Red says:

    Thank you to these sweet men….. so nice to know there are still some teens around who actually CARE for animals instead of only using them as a source of entertainment for selfies!!! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!


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