Teens can run for governor in Kansas so why not Angus the dog?

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In Topeka, Kansas, a three-year-old wire-haired Vizsla tried to run for governor, but has been told “NO”. Angus, owned by Terran Woolley of Hutchinson, filed and signed paperwork last week to create a candidate committee for the pooch.

According to the Hutchinson News, there are no requirements in Kansas in order to run for governor. So far, six teenagers have joined the 2018 election race. Lawmakers, obviously not having ever taken many precautions to limit candidacy requirements, are now considering new legislation requiring people to be at least 18 before entering the race. And “down boy” – no dogs or cats allowed to run either.

Even though Angus does appear to have thrown his “chewie” into the race, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s office has closed the door in the dog’s face.

“Officially, we will not allow a dog to run for governor,” stated Bryan Caskey, director of elections for the Kansas secretary of state’s office. “There’s several laws that reference that the governor has to be an individual or a person, and so we are relying on that, and if a dog comes in to file for office, we will not allow that.”

As for the teenagers running, it was a high school 16-year-old student who found a loophole in the state’s electoral laws and soon inspired his peers to enter the race.  While the state legislation restricts voting ages, it says nothing about who can run for governor. The teens insist they are not running for governor as any kind of stunt, but want to see more people involved in politics, improve education, improve the job market in the state as too many citizens have to work multiple jobs just to survive and bring in new life to an aging political party. Even if new legislation passes citing an age requirement, the teen candidates now will continue to run for office.

Terran has similar views why he thought Angus could run.

“I thought, ‘Hey, why not Angus? He’s a good dog, he’s smart. And I think he could provide better leadership that what we’ve had the last seven years in our state.”

Politics are surely getting more diverse. May the best candidate win.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Peanut-Man (chihuahua) wanted to be President (his campaign promised: lengthy nap times, lots of treats and lots of snuggles)…… I think he would have been a wonderful President (along with MacKitty as his Vice President, who completely agreed with his campaign promises)…..


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