Teen who kicked and beat dog to death found guilty

Teen convicted for beating a dog to death
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A teen who brutally beat a woman’s dog has been found guilty – convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal. According to BBC News, the teen, who was 14-years-old at the time of the attack, “completely lost his temper,” when he attacked the senior Staffordshire bull terrier named Teddy.

The brutal attack

The teen attacked Teddy in front of people after the dog “held down” his dog in October. The boy beat Teddy so badly that the dog’s skull was fractured and he suffered multiple blunt-force injuries to his head, neck and torso.

Teddy’s owner

Teddy belonged to 72-year-old Jacqueline Stevens, who referred to her companion as”gentle Ted.” Teddy was almost nine years old and Stevens called him her “world.” Teddy was described as a dog with a gentle nature – the dog that he “held down” was described as dog aggressive.

The cruel teen

The teen who brutally beat Teddy was called “arrogant” by District Judge Diana Baker. Judge Baker referred to the crime as “the highest level of animal cruelty.” The now 15-year-old teen will be sentenced for his crime on August 22.

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  1. The ONLY way any inroads against animal cruelty will ever be made is when they punish the perpetrators to the max. Throw the book at him!

  2. Let me guess. Is the young Rhodes Scholar’s name Davontae? Javonte? DeShawn? LaVericus? Trayvon? Marquis? I’d like to see the little bast*rd sentenced to life at hard labor in a Mongolian coal mine.

  3. good, maybe the dog got aggressive because the little thug was threatening the dog’s master. hope the little creep gets beat in prison. he is old enough to know better.

  4. ASS 14 yrs. old & he beat a dog to death????:/:/ You know what he’ll grow up to be What a stupid ass kid :/

  5. Justice for Teddy should be the maximum sentencing for this violent scum. He has no value for anything even I am sure, his own dog. Needs to somehow pay for what he did to Teddy who was probably only trying to defend himself. Please keep us informed as to his sentencing.

  6. This punk has proven he is unable to function like a human being – his actions alone show he cannot control his temper and to beat an innocent animal to death because he “completely lost his temper” needs a dose of his own medicine – I have zero empathy for these useless subhuman beings who get no punishment because of their age – at 14 years of age he KNOWS the difference and deserve to be treated like the trash they are. He is on the way to serial murder and this country best be ready for it.

  7. The vile and evil lowlife psycho monster of a kid who deliberately and heinously kicked and beat such an innocent and trusting dog named Teddy to death must be put to death by the same unimaginable cruelty and suffering this lowlife psycho monster kid committed against such and innocent dog (Teddy). I don’t care what age these vile and evil animal torturing psycho monsters are. They all deserve to be put to death and suffer in agony the same as their defenceless and innocent victims endured. Eradication of all these vile and evil animal torturing monsters from our planet.
    This vile and evil psycho depraved lowlife pos will continue torturing the innocent and voiceless if not eradicated from our planet. Kill this lowlife pos before this evil monster turns into a Serial Killer. That is where this vile and evil monster is heading.
    RIP beautiful boy Teddy.

  8. I pray that God blesses this Judge Diana Baker with blessings 1000 fold for a job WELL DONE. Wish other spineless, sub-human maggot judges who let animal rapists, abusers and murders go free so they can do it again and again. Judge Baker ought to teach these other derelict judges what they’re SUPPOSE to do in their position. Pray we get more judges like Baker.


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