Teen who videoed herself kicking puppy pleaded guilty to animal cruelty

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In Queensland, a young woman pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after she videoed herself abusing and kicking a small puppy and posting the disturbing incident on Snapchat.

According to YahooNews, the RSPCA and Queensland police were alerted to the  viral video after others shared it on additional social media sites, including the Rockhampton and Gracemere Crime Watch and Public Announcements Facebook page. Claire Elizabeth West appeared in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Monday and has been banned from buying a dog for two years and ordered to remain on probation for the next two years. She must also undergo counselling and anger management courses.

In the video, West kicked the puppy named Buster 26 times while the defenseless animal cried out in pain. As the story developed, the man West is referring to in the video named Rylee is believed to have been West’s ex-boyfriend.

“Your dog’s dead Rylee… How do you like that Rylee?” West stated on the video.

On Facebook, Rylee wrote that West just received a “slap on the wrist” and stated on a petition that West still had custody of the puppy. The pup is currently in the Rockhampton shelter but was due to be released to the teen’s mother today. Facebook accounts report Rylee lives in Tasmania and the puppy is still in danger.

“Buster is now back in the custody of her and her family where this can happen again. Buster deserves a safe and loving environment. Something needs to be done, justice needs to be served, if not for Buster for his poor family in Tasmania that had to endure the heart break of seeing their boy being tortured for fun,” states the petition.

West’s family having custody of the dog would violate the judge’s order.

(Photos of West kicking puppy via Facebook)

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12 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    That female, if you can call it that, should have the shit kicked out of her sorry excuse for an ass. Obviously she Can’t Understand Normal Thinking like decent women do.

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    That puppy should not be released to her or her family but the Rockhampton shelter is technically doing no wrong because the judge said she cannot “buy” a dog for the next 2 years. Technically she is not “buying” this dog. The judge needs to re-word his ruling to make it airtight and the shelter needs to keep the dog until this is settled.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Do not release this puppy to this so called owner and her family. This can and will happen again to this dog by this vile woman. Take the dog away from her because she is violating the court order or else the judge will have the death of this dog on his court.

  4. Shelly Renee Berchem says:

    100% RIGHT ON! Low life INSANE INHUMANE POS… Than the “ELECTED” Judge says she is now allowed to own a pet for two years… That EVIL B…. should be BANNED for life!!! Please sign & share the petition on FB & RT please, thank you… 🙁

  5. Gens says:

    Someone needs to start an animal abuse website where pictures of abusers can be posted by states so everyone in that state can see pictures of abusers living nearby.

  6. Theresa says:

    If you were my kid I knock you into next Tuesday fucking piece of shit The family doesn’t deserve to have that cute little dog back

  7. Debbie says:

    This puppy needs to live in a safe and loving home…if that girl who hurt it can still gain access to it, it’s not safe. Please don’t rest on this until this precious little fur baby is safe.

  8. Red says:

    The low life sorry excuse of a judge that released this precious puppy back to that SCUM SUCKING MONSTER needs to be kicked off the bench!! WHAT THE HELL ?!??!!?!? SOMEON DO SOMETHING and get that poor animal away from that monster~

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    This West punk needs her frigging ass kicked from one end of Queensland to the other – and, as usual she got no punishment for her cruelty towards an innocent defenseless puppy. Anger management is a joke and will do nothing to rehab her – she will take her anger out again on this puppy – to release Buster back certainly shows what a braindead justice system there is in Rockhampton court – they gave this puppy a death sentence.


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