Teen grabs possum by tail and tosses it over fence during drinking party

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A Brisbane teen posted a Snapchat video of himself grabbing a possum by the tail, swinging the defenseless animal around and then tossing the animal over a neighbor’s fence. The criminal act of cruelty took place as the teens enjoyed a night of drinking, dancing and laughing as an animal was being tortured.

According to 9News, a young woman had been watching Snapchat stories on Sunday night when she “witnessed a possum being completely abused.” The 18-year-old was shocked at the animal cruelty, and although she has stated she didn’t know the boy who tortured the animal, she did recognize people who were at the party located at a home on Solar Street in Coorparoo.

The woman stated she did see the possum move while the teen held it by its tail. It is unknown if the animal survived. The Queensland Police and the RSPCA have not responded to the complaint gaining viral outrage by the public.

Animal cruelty charges in Queensland carry a maximum penalty of three years in prison or a $220,000 fine.

(Photos screenshots via 9News)

Updates to follow.

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Prison time ordered for woman who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty -read more here.

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  1. Please let us know what happened to the possum.cruel “kids” and when drinking involved, a bad mix. Hope the possum is ok and these teens are punished where they learn from this abuse.

  2. I hope that the poor opossum is okay! If these people are not punished they should fire their entire justice system! You would think by now they would get the documented connection between animal abuse and violent crimes!

  3. I’d like to find the moron who did this horrible crime and the moron who taped it and said nothing. I’d grab them by their nuts and throw them over them the first fence I see.

  4. I hope they find this twit….. anyone who thinks it is fun or funny to torture a living animal is nothing more than a sick monster! Please find him and throw his ugly butt in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Seems there is an onslaught of punk teens who think animal abuse as entertainment – I think knocking out this bastard’s teeth would be fun – he sure deserves it – hope the public in Queensland keeps up the pressure on the cops to find this teen maggot – he will continue his cruelty if not arrested and stuffed in a facility where bigger punks can abuse his sorry ass.


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