Teen charged with shooting and killing Jacksonville K9 officer

K9 killed
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In Jacksonville, Florida, a 17-year-old teenager was arrested after he shot and killed Fang, a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office K-9 while on a chase after a carjacking on Sunday. Jhamel Paskel has been charged with killing a police dog, armed carjacking and two counts of kidnapping.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Fang’s handler, Officer Matt Herrera, was not injured. The shooting occurred near Interstate 10 and Commerce Center Parkway after police responded to an armed carjacker who stole a red four-door sedan.

At a recorded news conference Lt. Craig Waldrup stated Paskel admitted to the carjacking and killing K-9 Officer Fang. Paskel had been wearing a camouflage mask and carrying a handgun when he approached two women at a gas station and ordered one woman, Amanda Gears, to drive the red  sedan as he held a gun to her head. A short distance later, after driving onto a dirt road, Paskel told the women to get out of the car. Because the vehicle had OnStar, police tracked the car until OnStar was able to shut off the engine remotely.

Paskel fled on foot from the car and as officers followed in pursuit, Fang was released to chase the subject. Paskal shot the dog and kept running until he was stopped by another service dog.

Fang was only three-years-old and a very closely bonded companion to his trainer; the pair had been together for the past two years. In Florida, killing a canine sheriff’s officer is a third degree felony. If found guilty, Paskel faces a prison sentence up to five years for that crime.

Rest in peace Fang.

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  1. I hope that killer gets more than 5 years in prison for killing a police officer! Lock him up for a long time otherwise when he gets out he’ll just commit more crimes!

  2. That face and tattoos say it all. Lock him up and throw the keys away. A slug to society and if released after a few years, will do worse and kill people,children as well as animals. K-9 Fang you will definitely be missed by Officer Matt Herrera, your trainer. Run free with the other K-9 Troop.

  3. 17 years old, I’m sure this POS has a bright future ahead of him. What kind of punishment with a 17 “teen” get that will keep him from doing this again? I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see this POS on the wrong side of the law. Rest in peace K-9 Fang you are a hero!

  4. Double standard. I wonder why the public is ever so willing to believe the well-crafted myth of “K9’s are fellow officers and respected partners.”

    I guess it’s just a lot easier to react to an article about some punk who shot a K9 than it is to have to look into the fact that K9 handling involves systematic abuse, which includes ongoing physical and psychological torture.

    For some reason, every time this well-concealed abuse manages to get leaked, it’s always responded to as if the perpetrator was a “rogue handler,” or a “bad apple,” but hanging, kicking, helicoptering, slamming, AND solitary confinement is the STANDARD protocol in K9 units all over this country, and the world.

    RIP Fang, and I will keep on fighting the REAL worst enemies of you and your fellow K9’s.

    • You’re right Sue, unfortunately. And people who usually scoff at animal rights people for anthropomorphizing animals suddenly go full-blown with pretending these dogs are humans, calling them officers, as if they know the situations they’re sent into are potentially harmful/deadly and as if they’re simply being brave when running into situations on their own to confront God only knows what sort of violent person or people with knives, clubs, guns. Send them off to be killed terribly, then “honor” them by calling them “hero / partner.” And the horrific way they train them, like you say, speaks volumes of ugly about how those dogs are really regarded by the only people they know. “Life” must be pure hell for most of those dogs. Hopefully Fang was one of the few more fortunate ones who didn’t have the brutal “training” on top of being gunned down out there. And of course that vicious guy is guilty on all charges, like he admitted and as was clearly evident out on the streets; why do people pretend there’s still the presumption of innocence? Oh, maybe it was his twin or his doppelgänger.

  5. It puzzles me when they say “if found guilty” – how can they be otherwise when they have admitted committing the crime/s? The law is an ass.

    • It sure is. Get a clever lawyer and play the game right and anyone can go off scot-free for any crime. And then the opposite; get a sloppy lawyer and be unskilled in the game and one can be convicted and serve time for what they didn’t do. Truth seems to be utterly meaningless in the law.

      • And, if you are a “law enforcement” officer you don’t even usually have to answer for your crimes at all, especially felony cruelty to animals crimes committed against the K9’s.


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