Teen who beat 4-month-old puppy to death sentenced to jail

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In Boca Raton, Florida, a teen who used social media Snapchat to post photos of a 4-month-old puppy he killed has been sentenced to a month in jail, a year on house arrest and two years on probation. On Thursday, attorneys for both sides and the judge reached a plea agreement for Kevin Braganca, 19,  which also includes he will never be able to own a pet again and probation officers will have the right to make unannounced visits to his home to make sure there are no animals living with him.

According to the Palm Beach Post, defense attorney Douglas Rudman also agreed that his client will undergo a psychological evaluation within a month of his release from jail and will be required to complete any mandated treatments.

Nearly one year ago, Braganca lived with his girlfriend and two dogs – one having been the puppy Tank who died. Maintenance workers heard and witnessed someone from the apartments located at Arbor Oaks beating a puppy and then dragging the defenseless animal back to his apartment. After a call to the sheriff’s office, deputies traced the animal abuse to Braganca who told authorities the puppy had died at the veterinarian’s office.

When asked why he beat the dog, Braganca stated he “spanked” the dog on his backside for urinating in the apartment. When Tank began to foam at the mouth, Braganca took the dog to the vet and claimed he didn’t know why the  dog died. A veterinarian said the dog bled to death internally from a lacerated liver, had bruises on his head and two broken teeth; all consistent with having been beaten.

Most responsible pet owners know puppies urinate on the floor until they are trained. Most responsible people clean up the floor  and continue house training techniques. Braganca beat an innocent puppy to death for “peeing on the floor.”

Rest in peace Tank.

(Photos of Braganca and 4-month-old puppy screenshots )

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25 replies
  1. Darla Lam says:

    I hope he gets beat to near death, royally screwed up the ass but some huge animal loving dude in prison to learn his lesson. I pray the big guys in jail teach him to not beat on something smaller and defenseless because karma will prevail.

  2. Theresa says:

    One month in jail what a fucking joke you can see that fucking scum has evil in his eyes he will never change I hope he fucking gets killed

    • Shelly Renee Berchem says:

      I agree 100% this evil bastard is an EVIL POS and he deserves to be six feet under! I hope and pray the girlfriend dumped his EVIL UGLY ass too. KEEP POSTING THIS POS FACE EVERY WHERE SO EVERYONE KNOWS THAT HE KILLED A FOUR MONTH OLD PUPPY! If this low life POS had the chance he would probably kill a baby for peeing on the floor also. I despise animal abusers and hunters and child abusers more than anything in this world… I am going to see if he has a FB page and let him know what an EVIL LOW LIFE POS HE HAS A VERY SHORT LIFE SO HE NEVER HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO HARM, BEAT OR KILL ANOTHER INNOCENT BREATHING BEING IN HIS MISERABLE LIFETIME! GIRL’S BEWARE DO NOT DATE THIS EVIL MONSTER HE WILL BEAT YOUR PET, POSSIBLY YOU OR YOUR CHILD IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY WHEN SOMETHING SET’S HIS INSANE MIND OFF!

  3. Melissa Gurley says:

    A plea deal that poor puppy didn’t get any plea deal he didn’t get enough if you ask me it will be a child next

  4. Michael Coulter says:

    For everyone angry that his sentence wasn’t more severe, I understand. His real sentence is to be in jail with REAL badasses, and I guarantee that at least one of those badasses will be a guy who had a dog growing up, and who won’t be happy to have this turd breathing his air. He’s not going to have a fun month, and won’t be allowed to own an animal for the rest of his life. This is also going to fuck his life up – how do you explain to your new girlfriend why she can’t get a puppy, or kitten, because he beat his old girlfriends puppy to death in a childish rage? Still, it should have been a year in jail, at the very least.

  5. Mary Ann Clark says:

    They should beat this sadistic murderer to death! There should never be plea deals allowed in animal cruelty cases! Shame on our justice or should I say unjustice system!

  6. Barkleys Mom says:

    I am sick and tired of 19 year old MEN being called TEENS! He is supposed to be a MAN at that age and this sentence is an atrocity! A whole month in jail? A year on house arrest and two on probation I hope he suffers terribly from this! (sarcasm) I want to commend the Judge the Prosecuting Attorney and of course his Defense Attorney for reaching such a “harsh” plea deal! You all are a joke. The joke will be on the human that he kills next. If he could do this to a 4 month old puppy, then it won’t be a stretch to think he will do it to a human next!

  7. Adrienne says:

    From the first day he is in jail until his month is over, we all hope that the animal loving inmates do to him what he did to this puppy and show him that he is now their victim. Should have been at least a year in jail. He is soul less and not redeemable to be around normal people. He will go on to children and other people until he is finally in jail for life or killed by someone.

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    This fucking punk, Kevin Braganca, another hunk of white trailer trash got a slap on the wrist for murdering an innocent puppy for peeing – someone should have done the world a favor and aborted him – he did not deserve to be born. One month in jail is a frigging joke – there should never have been a plea deal – he deserved to be sitting in jail at the mercy of some predatory inmates who would have made him a victim. I hope there is some street justice awaiting him.

  9. PAMELA D says:


  10. Debbie says:

    I’m glad he was found guilty…..I wish he had gotten more time…..that poor little baby puppy. RIP little one….run free over the Rainbow Bridge…..this guy never deserved you.

  11. Janie L. says:

    He needs to be beaten to death for what he did. But Karma will find him and he will be held accountable– sooner than later.

  12. Shelly says:

    Hope he gets raped daily in jail. One month is nothing!!!!! He needs to also have his liver kicked out of him. Hopefully the boys in jail will tune his ass up a bit.

  13. pamela bolton says:

    I hope someone pees on him and beats the daylights out of him while he is in jail. He should have gotten one year in jail PLUS all the rest of it.


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