Teen arrested – dog found starved to death on porch of home

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A teenager is New York is accused of a heinous act of animal cruelty which left an otherwise healthy dog dead of starvation. According to multiple sources, in November, 17-year-old Destiny Bradway moved out of her home in Thurman and left a pit bull mix named Ace behind.

Teen arrested for starved dog

The horrible death

By the time Ace was found, he weighed just 10 pounds – he had starved to death on the porch of the house where his family left him behind. A necropsy on the dog’s body revealed no underlying health conditions – he simply died after being left in the cold without food or water.

Abandoned dog starved to death on porch

The humane officer for Warren County calls it one of the worst cases of animal neglect he has ever seen, reports WNYT News.


Bradway claims that she returned occasionally to feed the dog, but the authorities do not believe her. She is facing multiple charges, including misdemeanor animal cruelty and non-criminal failure to provide sustenance. Her mother, 55-year-old Jennifer J. Brown, is facing charges of misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child for leaving her daughter and granddaughter in a home without heat, reports The Post Star.

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Dog takes herself sledding!



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  1. I hope she gets put away for a long time without food or water and see how well she does with that. This girl has a screw loose! Society does not need people like her running loose.

  2. She needs to starve to death and tie her up outside when degrees drop below 32..no jacket, boots, gloves, etc. Let’s see how long it will take her to die

  3. I have had it will vile monsters who do this and do not get punishment that fits the crime. This mother and daughter need to feel the pain this poor dog felt. Just left the dog there and never fed it? Too lazy to take Ace to a shelter and just dump him there saying you found him? Was Ace tied up on the porch or could he have wandered to other homes to get food? Neighbors never saw Ace just there on the porch withering away to nothing and no one did anything? God help up with all the scum that is in this country. We are concerned about illegals coming here and doing crimes when we have our own legal Americans who do this to animals and don’t blink an eye. Throw this pair in a pit and cover them up with dirt and let them die.

  4. My first thought was why was a 17 year old living on her own, where were the parents? Then I see the mother is no better. Please take the child away from these two or it could suffer the same fate as the dog.


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