Teen arrested for beating a dog

Teen accused of beating dog to death

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Over the weekend, a Kansas teen was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty. According to multiple sources, 19-year-old Cole Carter is accused of beating a small, white dog who had gotten out of its yard in Wichita.

The details

As reported by KSN News, on Sunday, the teenager was observed exiting a car in the 3300 block of North Wild Rose. For reasons unknown, Carter allegedly began beating the small dog – the victimized dog was not able to survive the subsequent injuries. The Wichita Eagle reports that the dog was attacked around 7:30 a.m. – the authorities received a phone call that a man, who had been driving a gray SUV, was throwing the dog to the ground.

Responding officers located Carter, who was in a vehicle with two 16-year-old girls. He was arrested and is facing charges for carrying a concealed weapon and  suspicion of animal cruelty.

No further details about this case have been released.

(Booking photo via screenshot KSN News)

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Humans failed this precious little treasure big time……. The family who didn’t secure their yard, the useless POS who thought a “loose dog was “fair game” to be killed”….

    Precious little treasure, your life mattered. Ypu must have been absolutely terrified….. I hope the POS who murdered you is prosecuted and punished severely. (BTW: claiming to be “mentally ill” does NOT in itself = “escape from personal responsibility”…….the BIG issue is: did this POS know “right from wrong”?)

    The POS who murdered you will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty……. let’s hope he gets there ASAP after suffering a terrible death in pain, alone, afraid and unloved…….

    Precious little treasure, please look for MacKitty in Heaven. You will be welcome to join his group of snuggle buddies and RIP with loving companions……


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