Breeder busted

Suspected breeder busted – starving dogs found stuffed in birdcages inside of trailer

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A suspected dog breeder in Venango Township, PA, was busted on Wednesday. According to multiple sources, 51 dogs were discovered crammed inside of a single-wide trailer where Barbara Lopez resided. Most of the dogs were found to be starving and dehydrated, and many were stuffed inside of filthy bird cages, reports Erie News Now.

Dog breeder buste

The ANNA Shelter described the deplorable conditions inside:

a trailer being used, possibly for a breeding operation near Utica, Pa (about an hour from here). When we arrived on scene we were horrified by the situation – this is quite possibly the worst we have encountered since we started working with cruelty/ neglect cases. The owner was quickly arrested and removed in handcuffs as we were making a game plan. In just over an hour we removed 51 dogs from the trailer. Some were being kept in birdcages – others in wooden boxes or in kitchen cabinets. 

Not her first cruelty case

As reported by Your Erie, Lopez has been in trouble for animal cruelty in the past. In fact, almost a decade ago 72 dogs were found at the same location.  Ruth Thompson, who heads up the ANNA Shelter, explained to Your Erie:

“This happened at the same facility nine years ago. 72 dogs were removed from the same people, so this is now their second time running this operation.”

The rescued dogs

The ANNA Shelter described the condition of the dogs found inside of the trailer:

All 51 dogs were starving and dehydrated. As of this message 19 are confirmed pregnant. Ages range from 11 weeks to 8 years old most being spaniel mixes (they claimed to be breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) but there are some beagle and lab mixes as well. The majority of the dogs are very sweet albeit frightened but eager for human contact and attention…not to mention food and water. Some have deformations – one has only three legs; one has no toes; one has only one ear; two have only one eye; most have over or under bites; most have hair loss/dry skin; and most of the males have battle scars from scrapping with each other.

breeder busted

A word about unscrupulous dog breeders

Beware of unscrupulous dog breeders…if for some reason you choose to buy a puppy, rather than adopt from a rescue agency or shelter, be sure that you visit the home where the puppy comes from. If the breeder won’t allow you to, take that for the huge red flag that it is. Do not be swayed by fancy websites with cute photos – see the conditions for the puppies, and their parents, yourself.

Donations can be made at this link to the ANNA Shelter.

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8 replies
  1. Pamela D says:

    Give me 5 minutes with this ugly old bitch Barbara Lopez I she would never want to see daylight again. Starve this POS low life scumbag and stuff her ugly ass in a small cage filled with feces and even better I would find someone to piss and shit on her. This no good for nothing useless asshole needs to be tortured.

    • Robert Mendenhall says:

      I believe they need the same treatment and the first time these people were caught doing this with 71 dogs would you not think that would raise a red flag right there. And at this time I would say prison for both of them for a very long time I don’t care if there’s 70 or 80 years old there is no excuse

  2. pamela bolton says:

    And this is the second time she has done this!! Evidently, they didn’t think it serious enough the first time, that they let her do it again. Put her in jail and forget her. Not worth the air or space she takes up.

  3. Robert Mendenhall says:

    Like I say throw your ass in jail and give the loving animals a very loving home no third chances there should not have been a second time doing this or even a first time doing this they’re very cruel you could just look in her face and see the cruelness prison absolutely prison

  4. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Lock that smelly skank maggot whore in a cage and throw her in a wooded area somewhere where she can suffer the same fate she subjected upon those innocent animals. That fucking piece of shit. I’d like just one minute with her one minute is all I need. But sadly nothing will happen to that piece of shit. The only consolation I have is she has to go through life or what she has left of her life with that face. I would fucking hide my head in shame. I’ve never seen anything so filthy and ugly.

  5. Adrienne says:

    We all agree that this vile monster who did this to animals twice, needs to be eradicated and not waste our time dealing with a mentally deranged creature. She is less than human and age does not matter. Her greed at the expense of these dogs needs to be made public and all these backyard breeders need to be shut down, especially the ones on the internet. This country needs to take dog abuse like this seriously and put an end to this as well as dog fighting. Hope the dogs rescued find loving homes in spite of how she treated them.

  6. Dalma Bugg says:

    I certainly agree there’s no leniency deserved here. Life sentence solitary confinement in a single-cell birdcage in a single wide trailer and a couple of crows. Oh, sans food and water, if the crows don’t drive them batty, the lack of sustenance shoukd do.
    Those precious beautiful dogs should each get a life in the lap of love and luxury as their lifetime reward with plenty of sustenance to keep them healthy. Bless their precious hearts. Thoughts and Prayers for all of them as they receive all the medical attention they need to restore them to as good a health report as possible.
    Could we please receive updates on this case and all the dogs.


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