Surveillance video shows man shooting German shepherd in the head

German shepherd shot
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Surveillance video captured the horrifying moment that a man shot a German shepherd in the head, at point blank range. As reported by KTLA 5 News, four men were walking outside of a Green Meadows neighborhood in Los Angeles, California on the night of March 9 – two German shepherds can be seen barking at the men from inside of their fenced yard just before the shooting takes place.

The shooting took place shortly after 10 p.m. – the dog, named Champ, belonged to Charles Vercher. Vercher was home at the time of the shooting – he recalled hearing his dogs barking, two “pops” and then silence.

The police are hoping for tips in this case – anyone with information can send a tip to the Animal Cruelty Task Force at [email protected], or make an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

(Screenshot via KTLA news)

The surveillance video showing the shooting of this German shepherd can be found at this link to the LAPD.

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  1. It takes a real monster to shoot someone’s dog like that. I hope they find this bastard and put him in jail.

    Too bad they can’t put a bullet in him instead.

  2. This is horrible, these dogs were in their own yard and behind a fence no danger at all to the POS that murdered poor Champ. I hope and pray they find the POS that did this, they deserve to be put away and never see the outside again! My condolences to Mr Vercher.

  3. You fucking dirt bag scums why don’t you each take a turn and go Shoot your fucking self hope you all come down with the disease a fucking kills you

  4. WTF?? I hope they catch this creep, especially since they have it on video!! Someone has 2 know the creep!! An what happened 2 the other German Shepard???


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