Surrendered dog trembles in shelter

Surrendered dog trembles in fear after being left at busy Texas shelter

On April 9, a handsome dog, just five years of age, was surrendered to a busy Texas animal shelter. Wero is clearly shaken by the loss of his home – he trembles in fear inside of his kennel run. The surrendered dog has reason to be afraid…surrendered dogs are most at risk of being put down because they do not have to be held for the mandatory “stray” hold.

Adding to Wero’s troubling situation is the presence of a growth on his body – the following information was posted on Wero’s behalf by the Facebook page, Shelter Animals of Garland, Mesquite and Rowlett, Texas:

5 year old unaltered male, with superficial growth on back. We will not be able to pay for it to be removed and he will not likely get adopted with it.

How you can help Wero

1650 Gross Rd
Mesquite, TX 75149
Phone: 972-216-6283

Monday-Friday 11:00-5:30
Saturday 1:00-5:30
Closed Wednesday and Sunday

Facebook thread here

Posted by Leslie Hennings on Thursday, April 12, 2018

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    SHAME on Mesquite Animal Services – which shows NO service for this poor dog with growth on his back and they refuse to give him any medical attention – knowing full well that he will more than likely not get adopted with this growth – it is pretty obvious that Mesquite could care less about the future of this dog and is more than willing to just kill him because they cannot be bothered to help him. Being Texas this is not at all surprising, actually it is par for the course. This dog was dumped in this hell hole by an uncaring hunk of maggot shit owner and now this hunk of garbage so called ‘shelter’ is doing NOTHING to help him get a new home.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Please someone who lives near this shelter, adopt Wero or even foster and get him into a loving home. The growth on his back can easily be removed by a vet so he can live a wonderful life. I know shelters may not have the resources to take care of that, but I can’t believe they don’t know any vets who would help this poor baby.People form Go Fund Me pages for so many reasons and Wero needs one now. No animal who is suppose to be in a safe place should be trembling.


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