Stunning GSD puppy given 48 hr notice – Rescue Only

48 hr notice for GSD puppy - rescue only
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Update July 1: Rescue has tagged this puppy (pending pick up from shelter)

A stunning, purebred German shepherd puppy has been given her 48 hour notice to be out of a busy California animal control agency. Nadine, who is just six months of age, has been at the Los Angeles County Animal Control, Downey Facility, since June 16 – and she needs to be out as soon as possible.

How could this puppy be rescue only?

It seems rather implausible that a puppy would be labeled “rescue only,” but Nadine is. Why? She, like most puppies, is high energy and mouthy. Puppies need structure and training and this pup has not been provided with either – because of her puppy behavior, and her lack of training, she must be released to a rescue organization.

Input about this GSD Puppy

On Friday evening, an advocate wrote:

urgent……48 hour notice was sent out today! 🛑6 months old!!! 🛑crowded shelter before the 4th OC July.
 shes a GSD Puppy!
She’s just a wee one, in deep trouble. This beautiful girl had no training. Shes a lot of puppy.
She’s rescue only!
She is full of lots of bouncy energy and shes mouthy! She gets along with other dogs!! But she needs a rescue to properly place her!!! 🛑Rescue only due to her not liking to be handled and she’s mouthy. She just doesn’t know better. 🛑6 months old

She does bouncy on you for love too!!
Shes just a baby!!

How you can help this at risk puppy

How can you help? It’s easy – network this article, with Nadine’s adoption information, to help it reach the people who can rescue her. Networking saves lives – it’s a proven fact. Share this on your social media outlets (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter) and get her information out.

Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey at (562) 940-6898
Ask for information about animal ID number A5190173

Video of puppy

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  1. Is her name Nadine as stated in the article?? Because u are calling her Nala in the video! Anyways my prayers go out 2 her! Hopefully a rescue will come forward an take her! So sad she’s only 6 months an hasn’t even lived life yet! Please any rescue, please come an save this beautiful pup!!????????????????

    • the person who made the video states that the dog’s name is Nadine, but she calls her Nala in the video – not sure why

  2. Every shelter that is high kill, should hire dog trainers for situations like this. That is all this dog needs and no one wants or can take the time to train this dog. Can you imagine of these shelters had resident trainers for their dogs how many lives would be saved? Costly, maybe, maybe not especially if the states start mandating that all dogs be spayed or neutered and if not, the owners would pay a huge fine.

    • I agree w/you Adrienne – why don’t shelters have trainers to help these dogs? Someone with the knowledge to train a puppy for basic commands – to literally put a dog to death for something that is so easy to correct is just plain irresponsible. This dog is six months old and deserves a life. These shelters should be paid to find animals homes, not be paid for their dead bodies (which happens in many many shelters).


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